Puss, Boots, and Coury


Do you have a cat that ignores you or a dog that adores you? How about both? We have a family of both and we all survive. I can truthfully attest to their good behaviors.

We recently thought we adopted three adorable kittens that were soon to be destined for the pound, but the real snow job was they adopted us! They were so cute we couldn’t stand to see them separated so we took the whole lot. Two handsome males along with their beautiful sister made us a new family that now includes feline triplets.

Puss is all black and his brother Boots is all black with little white boots. Coury is short for Courageous and she is a drop-dead gorgeous calico with her jeweled collar and name tag. The trick now that they have adopted us is for them to adopt themselves to play with our six Skye Terriers whom are all extremely opinionated doggies, thanks to Madison Square Garden and their plethora of blue ribbons. They didn’t win “Best in Show” with their non-blue ribbon growls at the new little family, so our little kittens just turned up their tails and looked the other way without even a meow. Cats are like that, they know how to ignore you to eventually win you over.

Now that our “Best in Breed” have to share their room and board with the new arrivals, the doggies have to act accordingly as gentlemen and with the exception of their occasional growls and a room divider to accommodate the kitten’s new condo tower and play space, home life is rapidly coming together rather nicely, I must say.

Marilyn, the lady and matriarch of the doggy family could care less, except for the day of renovation to the newly shared living quarters, she politely pouted out in the garden until her boudoir was back in order.

That day we learned quite a bit about cat psychology. Don’t insist they be polite to their barking adversaries; they will just turn up their noses and tails to the rude dudes. The arrogant hounds may think the new menagerie is small, but they are unafraid and will show their sharp claws if pushed too far, even though their mistress will see they have gentle manicures as we do not believe in de-clawing!

There should be a law against de-clawing, and don’t let a vet tell you it doesn’t hurt them; that’s a bunch of malarkey — imagine having your fingernails chopped off! Plus all three kittens have their own scratching posts and they will happily steer clear of the antique brocade sofas on the lanai, much to my happiness as there is nothing worse than shredded brocade!

A friend of ours once had a poodle she left alone one night for a dinner date out and the poodle evidently did not take well to the lack of attention and shredded her antique sofa practically down to the springs, and all that was left was a pile of horse hair, feathers, batting, and a few hanging silk threads.

We are slowly introducing our newest family members to the gentility of their new surroundings and they are such a joy to watch. Did you know that a loving pet will actually lower your blood pressure and relieve your daily stress? Trust me, it works! Pets will give you all their love when treated kindly and you will not find a more devoted friend. I encourage everyone to go to your local vet or pound and rescue a homeless animal. You will be rewarded a hundred times over.

My dear friend Stephen Papich once found a black kitten sleeping at his doorway when he opened it on Thanksgiving morning and he lived in a townhouse penthouse seven floors up. He called our friend Eleanore Griffin, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter for Boy’s Town and she said, “Oh Stephen you must keep that kitten! If you find a black kitten sleeping on your doorstep on Thanksgiving, he will bring you great luck.” Needless to say he joined their menagerie of three already and little Joey lived to be eighteen and was pure luck everyday!

So while we are fast asleep here in our happy home, our new little family is dreaming of catnip balls and chasing us happily around with their nine lives.

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