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Everybody wants to know who the father is of the Nadya Suleman octuplets. I don’t care. I don’t care if there is one father or eight fathers or a tag team from another galaxy. What I want to know is why the fertility doctor involved in this isn’t in jail or at the very least, has had his license taken away forever. Who is this idiot? We know that SHE’S a nut job, but this so-called “doctor” is much more than just an idiot, he’s a dangerous idiot. An idiot that should be put away. 
And who are these people anyway? This insane single woman who hasn’t a dime to her name already had six in vitro children administered by the same jackass doctor. And another question; who will ultimately wind up paying for all this? Where will the money come from to raise these children? Do you think maybe it will be the state of California, which means all of us who live here? Aren’t you glad our governor will be raising our taxes and license fees to pay for people like this imbecilic woman? When you want to work the system you just can’t beat California for a great place to live, huh?
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Here’s another question nobody asks. Since Obama has put a pay cap on bank executives’ earnings, why not a pay cap on politicians’ earnings? Why not cap the freebies and perks that members of the senate and house get from lobbyists and other crooks on a regular basis? How about cutting down on the ridiculously large government bureaucracies? You can start with the Department of Education, which should have been eliminated years ago. And speaking of obscene paydays, let’s cap movie star salaries, whadda think? Gee, maybe an income of 50 million a year is a bit much when the whole country is going to hell and people can’t find work. Or maybe you think Cameron Diaz is worth that (reported by Forbes).

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And since I’m on a roll, here’s another question. How come when Bush sent troops into Afghanistan following the 9/11 attack on our shores, he was called a warmongering blood-for-oil lying killer of children, but now that Obama has decided to deploy an additional 17,000 more troops to that country we hear nothing negative about it? How come? Huh? Maybe Obama has determined that we need more troops to help in the important work of “air raiding villages and killing civilians,” as he himself described the actions of our troops in Afghanistan during his campaign.

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If spay and neutering dogs and cats was supposed to control the pet population, how come there are so many more dogs and cats in the US today then before the spay and neutering trend caught on? In fact, the increase in dog and cat population over the past five to ten years has been growing in humongous, obscene numbers. Even when human population gains are taken into account, there are still more homeless dogs and cats today by percentage then when my grandparents were kids. Nice work, animal groups! But I do think spay and neutering has its place. Two words:  Nadya Suleman.

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But of all the questions nobody asks, here’s the big one:  What is the deal with Oprah Winfrey? By that I don’t mean anything that has to do with her personal life. No, I’m talking purely about the phenomenon that is Oprah. I know I’m in the minority on this one, but I just don’t get it. I don’t get the whole Oprah thing. I’ve watched the show, I’ve listened to the woman, I’ve tried to get it, but I don’t. What is it that hundreds of millions of people see in Oprah that I don’t see?
I have nothing against her. Oprah seems to be a charming, sincere lady who handles her show very well, I grant you. In a business where you’re hot one year and out the next, she has remained consecutively high in the ratings. She has been at the top of the television game for over 25 years. She is more than just enormously successful; she is the most successful person ever in the history of show business.
Oprah is undeniably the biggest media mogul since Flo Ziegfeld or Louie B. Mayer – maybe bigger. She is a billionaire several times over. She runs an empire which includes publishing, television, movies, various charitable organizations and heaven knows what else. She is probably the most influential woman on earth. Is there any doubt that her support of Barak Obama helped win him the election? 
But what is it about her that has so captured the soul of America’s women to the degree that they would follow her just about anywhere at any time on almost any subject? There seems to be a magnetic pull that she has on the female population. Almost like a religion, her female fans follow her teachings and advice on everything from personal relationships to dieting to spiritual fulfillment.
Oprah Winfrey has found the sweet spot in the hearts, minds, and souls of American womanhood and will undoubtedly hold on to it for many decades to come. I can’t explain it. And I certainly don’t get it. Must be a girly thing like wind chimes, smiley faces and candles.


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