REACH Wellness & Recovery in Burbank offers mental health and addiction recovery services

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By Clint Lohr

REACH Wellness & Recovery center at 3304 West Burbank Blvd., just east of Hollywood Way in Burbank looks unassuming but inside there are a plethora of services for mental health, detox and addiction help.

In their present location for a year, the center’s Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Alix Nassiri, D.O., says they service about 150 visitors a month. He says the current location was chosen because it is more central to the studios and entertainment industry. Indeed, REACH treats a number of A-list celebrities for various addictions.

There are programs for meditation, relapse prevention, family counseling,
life coaching and even art therapy.

As we enter the holiday season, a person’s psychological and addiction issues tend to worsen. “There can be financial stress, traumatic stress, and weight issues,” Nassiri says. “Where we see ourselves in the world, is often heightened during the holidays. We help mitigate so many health issues. Also, if people are having mental flashbacks, anxiety or depression. We help people long term—not just seasonally.”

Also common during the holiday season are high rates of alcohol relapses, drug relapses and suicide attempts. “Opioids kill more people each year than homicides and traffic accidents combined,” Nassiri says. He cites a statistic that currently in the U.S., there are at least 60,000 deaths annually from opioid overdoses.

REACH offers treatments for depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Chronic Pain and OCD in the form of Ketamine Infusions, which has profound effects in helping improve people’s mental health issues. The center also offers a lengthy list of extensive treatment services ranging from both out-patient detox to concierge in-home detox, with 24 hour nursing care. There are programs for meditation, relapse prevention, family counseling, life coaching and even art therapy. Group therapy with eight to 10 people is also offered, as is acupuncture. Modern-style art hangs on the walls. “We have artistic space so people can feel creative,” Nassiri said.

There are nine other professionals on staff in addition to Nassiri, as well as a fitness and nutrition team.

For further information, please visit, or call 888-615-4315.


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