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A crashed hot air balloon was not liable to injured passengers…

  1. Drowned child

A party host initially agreed to “watch” an invited toddler until his grandfather, a fire department captain, arrived and “took over” supervising the boy. Despite the tragedy, the homeowner-host was not liable because it was reasonable to entrust supervision to the qualified grandfather.

  1. Billboards

A City law allowing on-site business and non-commercial signs while prohibiting new commercial billboards was constitutional because proliferating ads create public safety dangers and affect aesthetics.

  1. Paycheck stubs

State law requires employers to print partial Social Security numbers on wage statements, and workers can sue for damages without proving the company intentionally violated the rule.

  1. Balloon rides

Common carriers are those who offer public transportation and owe a heightened duty of care to passengers. A crashed hot air balloon, however, was not liable to injured passengers who assumed the risk of entering a craft which knowingly could not be precisely controlled.

  1. Service animals

An autistic man sued a seafood market which refused entry to his service-dog-in-training, but lost, because anti-discrimination disability laws only apply to fully and specially trained animals.

  1. Death by cigarette

Just because Congress allows cigarettes to be sold does not prevent a smoking victim from suing the manufacturer in state court.

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Harmon Sieff is an attorney based in Encino. Call him at (818) 986-4563 or email him at Visit his office online at

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