Belts buckled, seats and tray tables in their upright position, we are on our final approach to the mid-term elections.

This country, where exactly are we going? Our landscape has become a competition, not for the advancement of the country but simply as a battlefield between Americans with the only goal; to knock the other guy out. Well, I guess we all take sides and the regular reader knows where I stand.

Since the inauguration of a liberal president, the conservatives in this country have lost their minds. Now this is certainly not every conservative but it is the conservative movement. These days they call themselves a “Tea Party.” However, a title that is far more descriptive of their origin, methodology and representative of their leadership would be “The Group Tantrum Party.”

Now let’s be clear, I am no great fan of the president’s. However neither do I have a seething hatred that consumes me as many have volunteered for.

The economy is a mess. No one says otherwise. However there is a reality that is best ignored by the new Right. A reality that knows that a turnaround does not happen from such a cataclysmic financial crash within a month, which is how long it took to form the Group Tantrum Party. It doesn’t happen in twelve, eighteen or twenty months either. We all know that. Now how about those who stated they hope the president fails acknowledge that fact.

Since the inauguration, Republican representation has operated in lockstep opposition to nearly every piece of legislation. The party of “no” (not “know”), never seemed to care what the legislation was, including those pieces that they once proposed. All are dead on arrival or face the great RINO hunt. The filibuster has been abused in a historically unprecedented way. It was a great way to get less done and blame the party in power.

Conversation much needed during last year’s health care debates were instead a display of disgraceful and inexcusable behavior as whipped up anger and straight up lies about death panels and other such nonsense were dominant over dialogue resulting in a Republican plan today to reverse it and then put it back.

And speaking of plans are you ready for the Congressional Witch Hunts of this president and first lady to pick up where they left off following the Clinton Administration as already promised by Rep. Michelle Bachman and applauded by the Group Tantrum Party?

Today, childish commentary rules.

The birthers and the constant cries of Elitism, Communism, Socialism, and he’s an apologist who hates America dominates all conversations for emotion, not facts, which makes a mature discussion in the streets, the media or on Capitol Hill impossible. Lack of decorum during the State of the Union and an indifference to the most vile of terms and derogatory name calling used daily by the likes of Mr. Rush Limbaugh and Mr. Mark Levin when discussing the president, his cabinet and liberal politicians compounds an attitude of blinding and unreasoned hatred that promotes parents to go apoplectic and not allow their children to hear an address by the president in school; all influenced by behaviors that those same parents would not permit of their children.

This election should be a referendum on behavior, on conduct and on the actions of not just the president but of those who today are a minority party seeking to put themselves back into the majority. Show me where they gave this administration a chance and I will write a correction column. In my opinion come Nov. 2 we must this time around consider the zealous pursuits and abysmal behavior of a new rising conservatism that has subjugated the Republican Party to its will and taken this country to a point where communication, discussion and compromise is broken beyond repair. Measure the character of a person or group not by how they win but how they deal with their loss.

Lloyd E. Flyer is a freelance writer and may be contacted through The Tolucan Times or at

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