By Rev. Pam MacGregor

Rev. Pam MacGregor, Pastor/Director of the Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles.

Our relationships assist in deepening our spiritual unfoldment. No matter what the relationship is (people, animals, our planet), loving and serving others brings fulfillment to us while serving God. Relationships present an opportunity to grow and learn. Because they are ever-changing, relationships inspire us to stay open and teachable, reminding us that the first step of change is acceptance.

As Spirit with a body and mind, our creativity drives us forward, engaging us in our spiritual evolution. Propelled by unconditional love, our creativity expresses itself fully and completely, revealing the magnificent Truth of perfection in everything.

The SOMSC-LA is a friendly, spiritual community where you are encouraged to be your unique, authentic self. Our Center values each person who walks through our door. We take our mission — Making the world a better place spirit to spirit! ® — very seriously and invite anyone who is committed to supporting global unity and world peace to join us.

All are welcome every Sunday to partake in a celebration of life. Pastor/Director, Rev. Pam MacGregor, (Rev PAM), presents weekly Sunday Messages that emphasize the teaching and healing principles of Science of Mind. This month’s topics include: 5/6 – Parable of the Talents; 5/13 — Mother’s Day Celebration; 5/20 – All About You!; and 5/29 – Forgiveness Is Unconditional.

Join us on Mother’s Day! Celebrate!

The Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles, Making the world a better place spirit to spirit!® Sunday Service is at 10:30 a.m. at The Colony Theatre located at 555 N. Third St. in Burbank. For more information, visit, call (818) 901-7600, or email

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