I want to talk about remembering, an issue I share with many friends. I need to remember why I open and stare at the refrigerator. (And we’ll talk about the best gift, one that will give real memories…) We need to remember The Kling Street Kids, Toluca Lake’s Golden-Rule specialists, are having their grass root fundraising event on December 23-24. They are now legendary and, so far—since 2002—have raised more than $44,000 for Children’s Hospital. Starting with a small stand, they now have a Web site! Google The Kling Street Kids. I did… WOW.
Do you remember D.G. Fulford who wrote a charming column for The Daily News some years ago? Do you remember The Daily News? (It’s the other paper, besides The Tolucan Times.) I latched on to D.G. I may have written her a fan letter? (I know I’ve written one in my head many times.) Anyway, D.G. became a special part of my collective treasury of people. When she moved away, we each drifted into our own continuum. Then I received an e-mail, which may be old news, but it is new/good news to me! And D.G. Fulford co-founded this, so it is tried and true.

The Remembering Site
Give the greatest gift: the ability to easily write and preserve life memories. Not everyone is able to leave money, jewelry or property as an inheritance. Everyone, though, can leave the most precious commodity of all: family treasures made of words and cherished photos. This site is for you and your loved ones to write your life memories, experiences, memoirs or autobiography. Evocative, story-telling questions span a lifetime that leads you to easily complete your life story. What were some of your favorite holidays and traditions? Did you eat lunch at school, or did you go home for lunch? Do you remember your first kiss? Describe your career. What was the happiest moment of your life? The saddest? What memories from your family history do you want to share with your grandchildren? It is so important to encourage our parents and grandparents to write their life memories. These memories can be e-mailed to friends and family, printed from a home printer, archived by The Remembering Site for future generation to read, and/or, best of all, have a beautifully bound book printed to give to loved ones. There’s no greater gift than giving a child or grandchild answers to the questions that they just never think to ask the previous generations—the gift of remembering. Everyone is interesting, whether they know it or not. I’m often poked by my family, friends and strangers to write a book but I’m blocked wondering where to start. Now, I have this imaginative guide and I have started… now, where to stop? Google The Remembering Site and read how it started and some of the fascinating autobiography’s. Hope to read about some of your memories soon.

My Sweet Street
And remember The Kling Street Kids 8th Annual 2009 my Sweet Street event. The Beanie Babies are back, incredible silent auction items and lots more. Due to the growing group of kid volunteers from streets all over the area, The Kling Street Kids are adapting their name this year to become “My Sweet Street—The Kling Street Kids” since the organization has grown way beyond Kling Street. So, see you on Kling Street in Toluca Lake, between Cahuenga and Ledge on Dec. 23 (8am–2pm) and Dec. 24 (8am-12pm).
With fond memories… we’ll talk.

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