Response to Crosby’s Corner “Shocked! Shocked!”


Dear Mr. Crosby,

I would venture to guess that you and I would probably agree more than disagree when it comes to politics. But there is one area that I have a hard time with no matter who says it, and that is when criticism of the Obama administration comes from a viewpoint that the GOP has astonishingly clean hands in all matters.

Thirteen consulates were attacked under the Bush administration with many fatalities, yet the GOP acts as if — only under Obama could such a thing happen. Did Obama lie in regards to what he knew or didn’t know? I don’t know. But I do know that Bush’s lies got us into a war where thousands have been killed, and no one is pushing to set that record straight.

The indiscretions of the IRS under the Bush administration were numerous from attacking the NAACP to Greenpeace to a church in Pasadena who criticized Bush going into Iraq. Does the GOP or Tea Party bring this up? Not that I’ve heard.

Wiretapping under the Bush administration became as easy as 1,2,3 under the guise of “National Security.” Does anyone really believe they NEVER used it for political gain?

Criticize the Obama administration. The fact that we can openly criticize our nation’s leaders is one of our country’s most valuable assets. But please don’t act as if the so-called Conservative Party’s collective feces has no aroma. Both parties need to be willing to step up to the plate and openly say “We really messed up,” though “messed” does seem a little mousy of a word for what’s been going on over the past several decades.

— Marilyn Moss

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