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JJ and Rob Hooks with some of his Art, in the enchanted Hooks garden in Toluca Lake. Read about “The Technium.”

I want to Talk about Rob Hooks, a delightful and multitalented young man that I recently connected with. He’s currently creating a short film, The Technium, that we can perhaps be a part of?

DÉJÀ VU: Wanting to learn more and share his story, I met up with Rob at the home of his father. This is the same place I interviewed his father, the actor Robert Hooks, awhile back. We (I brought David) were greeted by this beautiful young man, with glowing spirit and flowing hair. A sweet fellow, with the confidence and commitment that every growing artist should hope to have. And his talents are many.

Rob has sweet memories of growing up inTolucaLake, “I went from reading magazines at Dales Jr., playing video games at Papoo’s Hot Dog Show, and rollerblading in the residential streets ofTolucaLake, to running into people like Bob Hope and Henry Winkler.”

Before becoming a filmmaker, Rob interned under Brad Look at Cinema Secrets. And his first job was working at (the much missed) Portrait of a Bookstore, and he was a memorable host at Mo’s. Like all sensible artists, he knows he needs to be his own Patron of the Arts. However, there are ways to kick-start a serious project….

KICKSTARTER: This is an Internet opportunity for regular folks to become Patrons of the Arts. I’ve had a chance to participate in a few wonderful projects that couldn’t have flown without using it. If you would like to see and hear Rob Hooks on the Internet, go to his page on Kickstarter: and see this lovely talent soul who is reaching for his goal.

THE TECHNIUM: About this project, as seen on Rob’s Kickstarter page, “Warlocks! Mermaids! Travelers! Magicians! Time travel into the future with me, Rob Hooks, and experience a fashion science fantasy the likes of which you have never seen! Enter a mysterious parallel dimension! Witness the materialization of a living human being! … The Technium is an inspired piece of escapism entertainment, which employs supernormal elements and celebrates the heroism of the individual. I have combined my love for the likes of Rupert Sheldrake, Rachel Armstrong, Brian Greene, Michio Kaku, Xia Xiaowan, Kevin Kelly, and many other outstanding individuals who push the boundaries of human thought, with my love of fashion, to create a unique short film experience … Join us. Become a part of our quest to present a wonderful dream, The Technium.”

Well! There are only about five days left on Kickstarter to make Rob’s dream come true. Why not consider?

Utimately, Rob is looking for a commercial production company to recognize his talent as a stunning visual storyteller, and sign on to a directing contract. His directing demo can be seen at Many of us may remember and watched this special lad grow up. Now we can watch some more!

FOLLOWING FOOTSTEPS:  Rob Hooks has true appreciation of and inspiration from his amazing father, Robert Hooks. This gifted family lived up the street a bit from my home inTolucaLake. I remember his youngest son (our Rob) sailing our street on his skateboard or scooter, always with a friendly smile.

I was, and am, frankly in awe when in the senior Mr. Hooks’ presence. He was my subject of a Talk column over a decade or so ago and I’ll never forget the time I spent with him. The Hooks house had unique touches of his architectural fancy and when I was guided into the magical back yard I was privileged to observe the blend of nature and human nature. A Bluebird came to chat with him, a squirrel sat on him and then scurried inside to get a nut from Mrs. Hooks.

My then-goal was to write about the professional artist who broke the color barriers in stage, film, and television … and was a leading man when there were no African American matinee idols. Awards galore, producing, directing, acting. And most importantly, Robert Hooks was a founder of The Negro Ensemble Company and launched the careers of so many impressive black artists. He is one of the major celebrities and historic figures in the Industry, much lessTolucaLake. Naturally I ended up writing about the bird family and the squirrels.

May I suggest you use the Internet to learn about this iconic neighbor? And learn about his children, more superb productions. And now we can watch his children’s productions.

And, on top of it all, he’s younger than me!

We’ll Talk…. (PS: “Go, Rob!”)

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