Rock Band Burnin’ Releases “Drownin’ My Misery”

“Drownin’ My Misery” by Burbank-based rock band Burnin’ is available on iTunes.

“Drownin’ My Misery” by Burbank-based rock band Burnin’
is available on iTunes.

Billy Keane, lead singer and songwriter of the Burbank-based rock band Burnin’, has seen his share of drunken fans. One, in particular, caught his attention following a Nashville gig, inspiring his latest song “Drownin’ My Misery” (Bell Bottom Records).

“There was this guy at the bar who was really hammered,” Keane explained. “He said, ‘I wish my chick was here, but I kind of messed up.’ I wrote the song about a week later. It’s about a guy who cheats on his girlfriend, and now he’s drowning his sorrow.”

Musically, Keane describes “Drownin’ My Misery” as a cross between Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Rolling Stones. The song has a hard-driving beat and straightforward lyrics: “Where did all your feelings go / Yeah, I made a mistake, I know / Sorry it turned out this way / I’m drinking in a bar in Nashville.”

A music video can be seen on YouTube at com/watch?v=04HzbFFA2Yk. The video was shot at Mo’s Restaurant on Riverside Drive in Burbank.

“I’ve been hanging out at Mo’s for years. It’s one of my favorite places,” Keane said. “The way it’s lit in the video, it could be any bar in Nashville.”

Keane, who previously released the single “7 O’Clock,” was born in Los Angeles, but grew up in Fresno, California, where country music is popular. One of his influences was his uncle, the late Walter Keane, the controversial artist, whose life story will be told in the upcoming movie “Big Eyes,” directed by Tim Burton.

“Uncle Walter encouraged me to pursue music,” Keane said. “He always said ‘Love what you do, and do it every day.’ That always stuck with me.”

“Drownin’ My Misery” is being released to country and rock radio stations, and is available on iTunes: us/album/drownin-my-misery-single/id891359008.

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