I want to Talk about good friends, good union, and this good year! Pow, still in the first month of 2014 and it’s full of fantastic stuff, fabulous folks and friends, new and old, and The SAG Awards! (and, of course, Sheila)….


The lovely and talented, and true friend, KAREN MORROW.

The lovely and talented, and true friend, KAREN MORROW.

Karen Morrow, of Sherman Oaks, is an iconic entertainer, an honest-to-goodness good person (and very funny!) Luckily for me she is a sweet pal and an unexpected connection!

In our checkered past, we’ve worked together on odd and fun jobs. Most memorable for me: “Follies” at Long Beach Civic Light Opera, Love American Style’s “Love and the Odd Couple,” and in one of the great Writers Guild Award Shows, singing in trio with Karen and Jean Stapleton. Talk about fun! I’m a great fan. You should be too. You can Google Karen Morrow, and know about her work with young artists, her teaching singing, and her bountiful career.

Now, Karen is a favorite guest artist for Crystal Cruises and sails with them often. When I heard, via social media, that there was a “Doris Day Cruise” coming up on Crystal my first thought was I want to do that! My second thought was to email Karen. I asked her if she thought it was ok to ask for a connection to the person that books the guest speakers. She paid attention. And I am grateful. Not all have the time or inclination to follow through on others’ behalf. Bottom line, I’m booked for the Cruise … and I’ll be doing a lot more Talking about that!!! (Have I said, thank you, Karen?)



A belated “Brava SAG-AFTRA!” Due to prior network contracts the, now merged, new union’s Award event will be still be called The SAG Awards for a few more years. But much thanks to the savvy winners who mentioned their appreciation to SAG-AFTRA.

Twenty years, zip zip, my mind is ajar. I was then sitting on the SAG Board and vividly remember supporting the motion to adopt these awards. Kathy Connell, now executive producer of the SAG Awards, was the National Recording Secretary of the Screen Actors Guild and served on its board at the inception of the show. She told Variety, “For years, the union had wanted to do something similar to what the Directors Guild and Writers Guild does. We have a very large membership and we didn’t want to use any dues money for it. So it wasn’t until we had the opportunity to do a television show that there was a way of underwriting the ballot.” A committee of five board members: Toey Caldwell, Paul Napier, Yale Summers Daryl Anderson, and (Mrs. Anderson) Kathy Connell took the time to create the concept, and impressed the Board with their ideas. And now it is ongoing History.

The 2014 SAG Awards made its own history. President Ken Howard announced a Million Dollar Donation to the SAG Foundation from the EIF (Entertainment Industry Foundation) and People Magazine. “A million Smackeroo’s,” crowed our exultant leader. I especially loved Ken’s honoring America’s heroes and the four footed Canine heroes! Bully for Ken! And Bravo/Brava to all the nominees! So much excellence!!!

SHEILA UPDATE: When Wendy Greuel decided she will NOT be running for the Board of Supervisors. Sheila Kuehl, who is running, (and my hope for this district’s new Supervisor), announced, “Wendy is an incredibly committed and talented public servant, and I’m excited to see what her next run might be.” Me too.

Now, a candidate with the ability to fund his whole campaign (by writing himself a check), Bobby Shriver, announced he was in the race. Mr. Shriver is a nice man, from a great family, and a fine activist, however it seems he will not join Sheila and abide by LA County’s voluntary spending limits. I believe that Sheila’s decades of experience and knowledge is deeply important … and our Supervisor Seat is not for sale. So Google Sheila and know her accomplishments. She is a gift that money can’t buy.

Time for me to raise priorities to the SAG-AFTRA National Senior Committee. I’m National Vice Chair (with the superb New York actor Tom Ligon, as Chair). Meetings are in gear. Also time for Caucus meetings regarding Wages and Working Conditions for the upcoming TV, Theatrical Contract!

And, at home, I’m growing lots of salad and healing from a cracked rib from, literally, falling ill from the quickie flu. No boo hoo, could have been worse. And I still have Crystal Cruise in mid May. Thank you, Karen … We’ll Talk….

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