Scam Alert Fakes, Fixes and Fly By Nights


It’s that time of year again. Our mailbox is filling up with offers to save our home, plus official looking documents instructing us to mail a check for tax appeal reassessment because the “estimated market value” of our home has dropped over 70%. As a licensed appraiser, I realize that it is illegal to give estimated market value without a license. Not to mention that they claim a Tolucan home is worth only $216,000!!
One problem – these fly by night fakes do NOT have the appropriate licenses. The authorities’ main line of defense against fake fixes is to suspend or revoke a license. Who can help defend us against fraudulent offers that falsely claim to “Stop Foreclosure” and “Modify your Mortgage” or “Reduce your Taxes”? The best defense is to always use professionals with a history of ethical practice. Ask to see a copy of their license – call the Dept. of Real Estate.
An attorney’s license will be hanging behind their desk. An appraiser will be happy to supply a copy BEFORE you pay a single penny. A veteran broker can proudly give you the history of the company – like Broker Associate Aida Poladian’s 35 years at the same Toluca Lake location.
Oh yeah, these folks also have Errors and Omissions insurance to protect us – them and YOU!   
For loan modifications, attorney Tamar Poladian-Perron Esq. personally handles every case, starting with the initial consultation. As President of The Appraisers Office, I provide her with accurate appraisals. As a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), I will also assist her if a “Short Sale” listing is your best solution.

“J.P.” John Perron CDPE
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