Sharon Case, Actress & Fashionista: “Pomp” and Circumstance


Actress and designer Sharon Case.

Last week, Sharon Case took a break from the CBS studio and design central to catch up with a friend and attend the opening of Young Frankenstein at the Pantages Theatre. Her companion was Lauren Woodward, a former The Young & the Restless actress, who’s now a third-year law student.

Case, too, is journeying from acting, but staying in the role of Sharon Newman on Y&R. She’s bringing her character’s fashion sense in the daily drama to jewelry design on a home shopping network.

The Michigan native joins the ranks of Judith Ripka, Nancy O’Dell, Rachel Zoe, Joan Rivers, Marie Osmond, Tori Spelling, and Kenneth Jay Lane, who already hawk their wares on TV.

Elif Inanc, a wardrobe stylist with The Young & the Restless where Case has been hanging her chapeau for the last 16 years, and the actress have partnered on a glam-girl project. They’re doing jewelry design and taking it to QVC. “We’ve been working on it for years and finally it’s come to fruition! I can’t believe it.”

Many of her fans have called the show to find out about the jewelry she wore as Sharon Newman. It’s a coincidence they have the same first name. “We decided to start a line, which we put online. We named it Pomp, which means pageantry and glamour. We wanted something with one syllable and something very flashy. QVC picked us up!”

Their first live show is set for August 10th.

The actress has been interested in jewelry since she was a kid. “When I was 10, my grandmother gave me her jewelry. She kept everything in these gorgeous silk bags. A lot of these styles are similar.”

Case, a Daytime Emmy Winner, wore her jewels to the recent Daytime Emmy Awards in Las Vegas. “I wore them to all the red carpets I visited before each party. The response was better than I expected.”

She described the jewelry she wore to the Pantages opening. “This is a string of pearls with an added a brooch. Pearls are really so elegant; I’ve always worn them when I get dress up. I love them – my real pearls, my costume pearls. When we started this business, my first wish was to do something with pearls. We added the brooch because when you are wearing it with a jacket, it anchors it and you don’t have to wear a broach.

In addition, she sported a turquoise bracelet from the collection. “We wanted something more relaxed that you could wear with jeans and a tee-shirt. It’s more colorful and whimsical for daytime and I love the idea of the flowers.”

They do earrings, too. “We have three different pairs of chandelier earrings, as well as others.”

Before you make an appearance on the network, you have to graduate QVC School. “The first half training we did online for two hours. “It was a lot of quizzes. You learn a lot.” They’ll complete the class in Pennsylvania in the studio the day before they air.

“We have an hour, but we are hoping to sell out before the hour!”

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