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Forget about doctors without borders, we’ve got politicians without morals. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking: Elected officials have been riding on empty in the scruples department forever, so what’s new? Well, in addition to the good old garden variety of crooked politicians, cheating politicians and lying politicians, a new sub-species, has recently developed — call it the “yuk” politicians.

Anthony Wiener, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Edwards are just the latest in a long line of sleaze bags that goes back to impeached President Bill Clinton and the famous “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinski.” It may seem like ancient history, but a bit of recap on what exactly went down (if you pardon the expression) back in the mid-nineties in the Clinton White House could be enlightening in retrospect.

The fact that Bubba messed around on his wife is one thing, and frankly that in and of itself is the least of it. What brings the Clinton/Lewinsky affair down into the “yuk” pit is the fact that the guy did it right in the Oval Office while claiming he was “working for the American people.” And sometimes the sex acts between them were actually going on while he was talking on the phone to heads of state!

Besides the immoral aspect, there is a larger question of judgment and common sense. I don’t know why more people just didn’t get that. How can we put our trust in a leader who exercises such terrible judgment and lack of self-control? If he can’t manage himself, how can he be expected to manage the delicate subtleties of an entire nation? Another thing, he put himself in a position of possible blackmail, which could have compromised his decisions and leadership ability. Put it all together and it spells poor judgment, lack of common sense, lack of self-control and just plain stupidity — and this from a person who supposedly is extremely intelligent and world-wise.

Clinton led what was to become a repulsive parade of “yuk” politicians including Larry Craig, Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards, Arnold Schwarzenegger and of course the ever photogenic Anthony Wiener. These sleaze-iticians rate a special place among the cheaters because they didn’t simply have a lapse in judgment or a one-time slip, or even a “normal” affair, no, these guys crossed the line into “Eeeew! Yuk! Creepy.”

You have to have a real deficit of morality to do what John Edwards did to his wife while she was dying of cancer. Not only was he cheating on her, but he got his bimbo pregnant, then used campaign funds to hide her out and pay her with, and got campaign workers to cover for him, all the time while running for president and then having been elected as the vice presidential running mate for the Democrats. Wow, what a guy!

Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t just jump into the sack with some hard-to-say-no-to movie starlet; oh no. Arnold did it with the family maid and used the family bed. Then he got his maid/family friend/mistress pregnant and as the child grew up he was included as part of the household, celebrating family holidays and other events — right under his wife Maria’s nose. All the while Maria not knowing that the child was sired by the old Sperminator himself. Nice, huh?

And Wiener, what is there left to say about that one? That guy really makes my skin crawl. I wouldn’t want to walk into the same room as that guy let alone have him represent me in Congress. Did he really think he looked hot in all those disgusting photos he took of himself? Then tweeting those photos all over the internet — just another politician “working hard doing the business for the American people.” Giving the American people the business is more like it.

I have purposely not included Ted Kennedy in the “yuk” group since allowing your girlfriend to actually drown in order to save your political career falls into another category altogether…like that of second-degree murder.

Womanizers, cheaters, liars, crooks, thieves, frauds, even murderers. Yep, we’ve had them all in elected office in Washington, DC through the years. Now, along with those distinguished American politicians, we can add the “yuk” squad. I just can’t wait to see the next recruit into that esteemed group.

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