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Isn’t it interesting that the word “lawyer” is close in sound to the word “liar”? I don’t have anywhere to go with that, I just thought it was an interesting thought — not funny, just interesting. Another interesting thought: Notice how the press is attempting to make a big deal out of the fact that Mitt Romney is a Mormon? How come the press doesn’t have a problem with Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is also a Mormon? We don’t hear much about that. Oh wait a minute, I forgot, it’s only the Republican Mormons who are bad.

And when it comes to “out of the mainstream” American religion, John Kennedy was thought to be exactly that as a Catholic back in 1960. And no big deal is made on the fact that our current president, Barack Obama, went to Muslim schools in Indonesia. And, as an adult, he attended services for over twenty years at a Chicago church that espoused the Black Liberation Marxist theology under the leadership of Jeremiah Wright, a man who is an adamant hater of America, Israel, and “the white man.”

Both of Obama’s children were baptized at that church by the man who said “God damn America!” and said the US was to blame for the September 11th attacks, and claimed that the AIDS virus was invented by white America to kill black people. I don’t seem to recall any Mormon preachers spewing that level of hate.

But to the liberal press Black Liberation Theology is just fine. It’s those wicked, sneaky, dangerous Mormons we have to worry about. They are the real hate mongers, the real threats to America, right behind the Amish and the Quakers. It’s like saying “don’t worry about that escaped grizzly bear, but beware of kittens, and puppies.”

The press is also giving Romney a bad time because he happens to be rich. Rich is bad, you see. Romney is too rich to be able to identify with the vast majority of Americans, they say. The liberal press says that he’s out of touch with the poor because he has been too successful. No, no, we can’t have any of those successful rich guys running for president, can we? Or CAN we? Let’s think about this for a minute, there just might be a double standard at work here.

Why wasn’t being rich a bad thing when John Kerry was running for president? Excuse me, what about the Kennedys? John, Bobby, and Teddy were pretty rich, remember? And President Franklyn Delano Roosevelt wasn’t exactly born in a log cabin either. Hmmm … maybe it’s only the rich REPUBLICANS who are bad? Yeah, that’s it! Rich Democrats like FDR, JFK, John Edwards, and Nancy Pelosi are upstanding wonderful people; it’s those pesky, rascally Republicans that are bad. But then again, as far as the liberal media is concerned, ALL republicans are bad, rich or poor, right? So, there you go.

Another thing the liberal press jumps on Romney for is being too “stiff.” Really? Obama isn’t exactly mister loosey-goosey either. I know the press likes to portray Barack as a cool dude, but the pomposity and stiffness always seems to seep through to me. There is an unusual guardedness to his bearing and an attitude just shy of nasty. He always looks like the know-it-all uptight professor, not at all an easy to talk to regular guy. President Clinton was loose, (maybe a tad too loose). President Reagan was loose and totally comfortable in his skin. Even George W. Bush was pretty loose. Obama is not.

Okay, let’s recap…. Mitt Romney is too Mormon and too wealthy and too stiff to be president. What else is wrong with him? Oh yeah, he can’t connect with women; he doesn’t know what they really want. Well, no kidding. Does ANY man know what women want? That has been the mystery of the ages, the question that has bedeviled mankind for more than five thousand years. What do women want? I mean besides the ability to get into their skinny jeans. It’s more than chocolate, wind chimes, bottled water, and scented candles, I can tell you that.

If anyone knows just what it is that women want, please drop me a line, I’d love to know. I’ll also pass it along to Romney.

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