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t15-05-star-hair-stylesDrawing inspiration from the hair style trends of our favorite stars and celebrities has become a national past time. One such star whose hairstyle has become the latest, must-have look among men of all ages is Daniel Craig. His piercing blue bedroom eyes and stylish contoured style cut gives this James Bond image a double-o dose of Panache. Daniel’s rugged good looks and suave persona are irresistible to women, and quite the catch for those babes attracted to the cool stylish types.

To Get The Look
Are you looking for a cool new hair style to standout from the crowd and blow the competition away? If that’s the case, try Daniel Craig’s 007 style cut on for size, and find out why this Bond hair style is a lethal “babe magnet.” This stylish finger-combed hair style is designed for any occasion and almost styles itself. To get the look, let’s take it one step at a time starting with a style cut and shaping.

Let’s Shape It
Start with a contoured style cut for volume with short tapered sideburns and collar length neckline. The crown is cut short for a tousled finger-combed effect with a few spiky “love locks” across the forehead to put a receding hair line stylishly under cover. With a few adjustments, as it grows you can find the ideal length and shape for your secret agent style.

Let’s Style It
Start with a dab of your favorite shaping gel, or styling foam. Just run either through damp hair and comb in place to dry au natural, or give it a quick blast with a pistol-grip blow dryer for a full look. When dry, brush or finger-comb a dab of shaping or spray gel through the top for a textured look and you’ve got Daniel’s “secret agent” hair style.

Now, Let’s Color It
Movie actors change their hair color often for the many roles they play, so coloring their hair is no big deal. If you have thin, brown hair like Daniel’s, a light sandy brown tint will give it a thicker look and keep those few gray hairs stylishly “under-cover.” Using a lighter hair color instead of a darker shade will make a receding hairline and thinning hair less noticeable. To keep it up, the new growth is re-colored with every other hair cut. This extra step will cost a few dollars but it’s a small price to pay to standout from the crowd and blow the competition away.
This suave Bond style is a lethal “babe” magnet and comes equip-ped with everything you need to blow the competition away. This action-packed finger-combed style is designed for any occasion and almost styles itself. The contoured silhouette with tapered neckline and a few short spiky “love locks” across the forehead puts your receding hairline stylishly “under cover.” The light sandy brown hair color washes the gray away and gives it an all-over thicker look. Heads will turn and your cover will be blown when you show up looking oh-so-stylish. It’s a small price to pay for Daniel Craig’s suave “secret agent” style.

For Daniel Craig’s star style, visit a salon stylist and make your hair shine like the stars.

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