Stay away from Beverly Hills Hotel and Hotel Bel-Air say L.A. leaders

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Last week, L.A. Controller Ron Galperin, Councilmember Paul Koretz, leaders of LGBTQ organizations, and neighborhood advocates jointly called on Angelenos and people of conscience to boycott the Hotel Bel-Air and Beverly Hills Hotel, two establishments owned by the royal family of Brunei.

The call stems from Brunei’s announced plans to implement draconian criminal laws on April 3, including death sentences for LGBTQ people who engage in sex and for adulterers, along with amputation for thieves.

The global outcry against Brunei’s actions has been swift and loud. The U.N. High Commissioner on Human Rights called the new laws “cruel and inhuman,” and various celebrities, politicians and organizations are supporting the boycott call.

“As a citywide elected official, I represent a diverse community of Angelenos, and I call on everyone to boycott the hotels owned by Brunei’s royal family,” said L.A. Controller Galperin. “I will not set foot in these establishments so long as they are owned and controlled by a regime that is willing to kill LGBTQ people. While I feel bad for the many hard-working employees of these local hotels, no one should support or attend any events there while lives are on the line.”

Koretz introduced a resolution to the Los Angeles City Council, urging the Council to support the boycott.  


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