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In my last column I made an appeal to Democrats to be a lobby and not a victim. So, have you made the transition yet or are you still content to be completely discontented?
The readers of this column have an advantage and know something that at this moment is still unknown. While I write this, the final bill on health care, which has been more of a Capitol Hill disease than American cure, has yet to be posted. Now, I don’t say that because of the bill itself (which is not without its problems, least of which is the generous gift from Democrats to the insurance lobby) but because of the process. It’s that process and what has come out of it that has me wondering: If you don’t want to be a victim, why you haven’t joined the growing movement of (former) Democrats who are becoming the single lobby that truly cannot be ignored?
What is the old joke, that only Democrats can lose an election with a majority of votes? But it is no joke, except on us, that Democrats lost with a majority that any reasonable party, entity or business would kill to have. No matter what takes place this upcoming weekend, the Keystone Cop Democrats, whom we empowered, have as a party squandered the faith of our vote.
Stop me if I am wrong, but was there not an election a short time ago where the will of the people was placed onto ballots to be carried by elected officials into the nation’s capital? So when exactly did the dialogue change so that what the people voted for is not the will of the people? 
When did the “Strong Public Option” become the cliché “we’ll fix it in post”? In fact, when did the whole bill get that way? “Not perfect, but we will fix it later”?  Pardon? How about you don’t create stupid today so that you can “fix it” with more stupid tomorrow?  Getting the bugs out is normal for new machinery. Putting the bugs in – well, that is just nuts. And nuts to those who did it. And nuts to us if we allow them to do so, and then allow them to just skate away feeling like they accomplished anything beyond behaving in a way that would make a three ring circus stare in wonderment.
And what exactly is this manure about House Democrats not trusting Senate Democrats and the Senate not trusting the House? Again, PARDON? People of the same makeup and philosophy, who in the theory of an elected republic come together towards a common goal, don’t trust one another but then have the nerve to come to me every time they need my vote with the words “trust me”? Do they think we are total idiots, or are they just dependent on it?
Now I am being pretty hard on Democrats (my former party) but let’s not forget what really threw the weak and wimpy Democrats into the path of my vote’s self-destruction – The Republicans.
I don’t know why it has been forgotten, but conservatives in this country made it very clear that they were determined to see that Health Care is President Obama’s “Waterloo.” And unlike the Democrats I voted for, these Waterloo Republicans and conservatives have made good on their goals. Well, forgive me for pointing this out, but when “Waterloo” is the foundation for your argument and the intention of your goals, you are not coming to the table with any direction other than to try to defeat a politician, and if the American people get lost in the crossfire – so what? “America first,” my fanny. Try tantrum first, tantrum second and tantrum third because of the results of an election. Plain as day, but for some reason the Democrats have allowed them off the “Waterloo” hook. Why?
I could fill this entire paper with the tactics and lies powered down the throats of this country by Waterloo Republicans. These lies that have led to degrading behavior in the face of the ill and infirmed have me wondering how so many of us in this country can call ourselves moral when the greatest immorality of our times is taking place with our permission.
I urge every Democrat again to stand up for what they voted and be the most powerful lobby instead of the victim. You are still a liberal, you will still vote liberal and you can always re-register for the primaries if you wish. Yes, I know you will have to do a small bit of work, but you must decide: is my voice worth it? Is my vote worth it? I say it is worth it, and a lot more. Download the form from the Internet or make a trip to the post office and pick up enough forms to leave the party, come back if you decide to, and get some for friends. Because if you don’t send a clear message to the Democrats today, the Waterloo Republicans and tantrum mentality conservatives will win in November.

Lloyd E. Flyer is a freelance writer and may be contacted through “The Tolucan Times” or at

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