Summer 2012 Beauty Trends


Japanese gold facial.

As a pop culture aficionado, I find it mind boggling to keep up with the trends, particularly in beauty. It’s an area that glam Angelenos specialize in, particularly if they are involved in the industry and need to look their best on (and off) camera. Some may make you laugh. Others may make you cringe. But here we go! (We have not tried any of these.)

*For years, Japanese hair straightening was the best way to tame those frizzy locks. That was followed by Brazilian straightening, then Keratin treatments.  The newest way:  Tela, an organic line created by stylist Philip Peluis. His Phyto Keratin Smoothing Treatment Blowout is an in-salon treatment that uses certified organic, plant-based ceramides to smooth hair increase shine and eliminate frizz for up to six weeks. There are no potentially harmful chemicals in the treatment.

*We’ve seen gel nails and then crackle nail polish, but the latest trend is the magnetic manicure. Companies are introducing lacquers that contain iron powders. When you pass a magnet cover over the wet polish, it pushes the powders and creates a marbleized effect.

*This is not for the faint of heart! With the popularity of True Blood and other vampire themes, a Vampire Lift promises to aid in anti-aging. It’s an all-natural treatment that transforms your skin to look younger and healthier. As a non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic filler, injectible selphyl is used, consisting of blood platelets and fibrin from the patient. The well-known treatments Juvederm, Perlane, and Restylane are artificial. This is not and rejuvenates the clients’ skin without swelling, bruising, or lumping. New collagen and new blood vessels develop after a few weeks.

*Want to delete your belly fat? Liposonix is the nonsurgical procedure that banishes that extra fat that just won’t go away from exercising at the gym. It’s a high intensity ultra sound energy that dissolves fat in the thighs, arms, waistline, and other areas. A high focus thermal beam destroys the fat cell membrane. There is no down time.

*For those afraid of needles, you may want to try a blunt tip cannula, which is a facial filler without the usual pain. Like a needle, the cannula has a hollow bore. But unlike the needle, it replaces a beveled sharp tip with a blunt rounded end. They come in different sizes and are more flexible than a needle, which results in a vast reduction in bruising after the injections, decreasing social downtime.

*And you can always do some Japanese beauty treatments if you are open to experiment. Some use nightingale droppings on the face. Others use gara rufa or doctor fish to eat dead skin off the feet during a pedicure. And then there is a deep conditioning protein treatment made from bull semen. Why not try a gold facial made with Gamma PGA (100% natural, biodegradable, and non toxic). After all, Cleopatra slept with a gold mask every night! Why not?

You don’t have to fly toJapanto indulge. Products can be obtained online. And many of the beauty treatments can be found at upscale spas, dermatologist’s offices, etc.

Sue Facter owns a news agency that specializes in the luxury brand. Her work appears in USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Women’s Day Australia, on broadcasts and the web.

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