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Lisa Ling, the Honoree, Fritz Coleman, the MC, and Diann

I want to Talk about physical responsibility, which often ties in with fiscal responsibility. And also, to share the joy, for where the joyless turn to for help, Shelter Partnership.

As “older” people we need to take the body in to the shop. A lot. As these years race by, it seems that we just had a physical, and blood tests and all the etceteras that peel off from all those tests, when suddenly, it’s time for another one. David’s been tending to his newly repaired eyes; I have been mending from a half gainer that I took into cement, gum lowering, and a hand repair. Tinkering. A nose cancer here, physical therapy there, and constant gastro somethings. That’s just how it is. And if you do fall down, as so many of us do, even if it seems dopey, go to Emergency just to make sure that your status is quo.

And then there are the others who don’t even have a home to keep well in, much less health insurance. We need to take care.…

Shelter Partnership, 2012

The Shelter Partnership’s 23rd Annual Dinner (MC was our own Fritz Coleman), honored the journalist Lisa Ling. The Millennium Biltmore Hotel was filled with over 400 supporters and civic leaders who raised $390,000 to help Shelter Partnership’s work and to honor Lisa Ling. She is executive producer and host of the popular documentary series Our America with Lisa Ling on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Sheri Saluta, President of Harpo Productions, was there to cheer her on). Lisa’s insightful and compassionate reporting on the plight of people who are homeless, in “The Lost American Dream” episode, unfolds howAmerica’s middle class has emerged as the new face of poverty. She effectively captures the pain felt by a struggling middle class family. Poverty, unemployment, or a lost job and the lack of affordable housing are primary causes of families experiencing homelessness. Heads up, we need to help.

“I am so honored and humbled to have been chosen by Shelter Partnership for this award,” Lisa Ling remarked. “Shelter Partnership supports over 200 agencies and organizations serving the homeless inLos Angeles. There is no organization like it.” And of course, she is right. Visiting their warehouse, a wonderful opportunity for me, was a sight to behold, High shelves of donated goods were heading into all size trucks. Large and small agencies bringing the donated goods directly to those without the most basic of stuff … it just makes your heart sigh with relief. (Give yourself a virtual tour on the Internet.)

This annual dinner was fun and functional and a chance to be recharged by Ruth Swartz, the undaunted Executive Director of Shelter Partnership, to meet John Maceri, recently named Public Citizen of the Year, and to praise Tolucan Tracy Wallace, along with Rhonda Villanueva, for creating and developing this happening. Sitting at NBC4 Southern California’s table (semi new name) was very exceptional, what with Fritz and his boss, Terri Hernandez Rosales, Vice President of Community and Communications; along with Erin Dittman, Director of Communications; and Maria Huerta, Community and Public Relations Department. Joining them were leaders from The United Way, The Braille Institute, and The National Council of Jewish Women (of which I am a Lifetime Member). Good company, and of course, David.

(Oh oh, speaking of David, he needs to add a clarification.) Hum along.…


Sorry to butt in, but I want to sing the praises of Dr. Alan Berg.

He made my cataract surgery a “piece of cake.” He did each eye a week apart after a thorough examination and friendly counsel at his Sherman Oaks office. The good doctor made both surgeries easy, painless, and highly successful. My long distance eyesight is perfect and I use glasses now only for close up. Everything is sharper, clearer, and I see depths of color I had forgotten existed. I hear the Tolucan’s owner and editor, Mardi Rustam and family, have long looked to Dr. Berg for their eye care. The Aye’s have it; thanks, Doc!

JACKIE: I’m back, I might have passed on this intrusion but it is true … and the good doctor has also been a contributing writer for our paper.

And speaking of “taking care” and Mardi Rustam, we all owe endless appreciation to Mardi for taking care of The Tolucan Times. It’s so heartening to see more advertising, which means things are improving for our local merchants. During these fiscal times, those of us who love this paper are so glad that Mardi Rustam has kept it afloat when the tide was so high!

We’ll Talk….

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