Take Your Revenge and Live Well!


We want to talk about The Tolucan Times own personal Gulliver. David’s passion (obsession?) is to travel, and to glowingly share his experiences. And, like the radio hero of yore, David is our “Jack Armstrong, The All American Boy.”

Councilmember Tom LaBonge presented the 2009 Pioneer Woman award for Council District 4 to Nancy Oda at a ceremony at City Hall on March 27.

Councilmember Tom LaBonge presented the 2009 Pioneer Woman award for Council District 4 to Nancy Oda at a ceremony at City Hall on March 27.

Jackie: Interpretation is always interesting to me. Take a word like revenge. I sense revenge as a semi-sinister, “I’m going to getcha” expression. David has the opposite take. His revenge is a joyful march into good times, like the unsinkable Molly Brown: “He ain’t down yet!” Mr. Lawrence is on the road again and sends a reverie to share.
David: From the moment I first read the phrase “living well is the best revenge,” it has been the cornerstone of my own personal philosophy. Revenge, against what? The bad times. That’s when I need to take revenge by living well. Years ago, a lady would go out and buy a new hat. Me? When the going gets rough, I get going.
I pack my well-used Vuitton and hit the road (or the sky). The great silver birds are my magic carpet lifting me, and my spirits, up and over. So, if feasible, give it a rest; fly away to the greener grass. When you come back, you’ll face it all with a new sense of hope. You, me and President Obama.
As I write this, I have just left American’s Admirals Club at LAX where I enjoyed hospitality, comfort and good cheer. Bound for London, I gratefully accepted champagne from the smiling flight attendant. As my plane gracefully raced down the runway, my troubles were beginning to fade away. They almost disappeared when we reached altitude, and the attendants offered more champagne. London was just on the other side of the night. My dining choices from many offered for: Coppa ham and mozzarella to accompany the bubbling Pommery, a salad of fresh seasonal greens with gourmet breads and then the main course (tender lamb medallions accompanied by roasted butternut squash, haricots vert and mushroom risotto). And, of course, a glass or two of a French grand reserve Pinot Noir from a new winery called Chamarré. I really shouldn’t have the dessert (vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookie dough and caramel swirls topped with white peach purée and honey nut crunch topping). Or should I? Ah, sweet revenge! I was offered Bose® noise-canceling earphones to enjoy any number of movies or other entertainment on the screen in the seatback in front of me. The hours flew by. My amenities pack supplied toothbrush and toothpaste, comfortable eyeshades, socks and the fully-adjustable seat controls converted my upright position into a flat, cozy bed. I adjusted my pillow and duvet, and the next thing I knew, we were 40 minutes from London Heathrow Airport.
Pack up your troubles, as times allow, and travel to the greener side of the hill – visit friends, family; have an adventure in a new destination. Take your revenge; live well. Tomorrow will be a brighter, better day.
Jackie Wraps: What can I say? Not only does he love the winter weather, he loves the special bargain prices that keep him flying high during the low season. It makes him moony. I do miss David but I’ll join him soon in New York!

We’ll travel.

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