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Sam Goss is the young general manager of Taplow House Hotel in England.

We want to talk about the grand finale of our spring trip. These summer days have been hot, so perhaps a refreshing visit with our Taplow House Hotel memories will help us all cool off.

Jackie: After six weeks of intense and beautiful traveling, we treated ourselves to a deep breath before we had to take the long flight home. We decided to stay at Taplow House Hotel, a stunning Georgian retreat situated on the border of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire (how English is that!). Taplow House Hotel is a peaceful haven only 15 minutes from London Heathrow Airport and only 10 minutes from the historic Windsor Castle. Since we had an early flight and it was a long drive from Milford on Sea, we left a day early in order to surround ourselves with six acres of beautiful gardens and Europe’s largest tulip trees. Taplow House Hotel was the perfect setting for a relaxing, overnight stay.

David: With the volcanic ash cloud still hovering over Europe and the possibility of a British Air strike, which might have caused more turmoil at the airport, we made the wise decision to stay at the Taplow House Hotel. They made us feel special indeed with their great service, lovely accommodations and very good food at Berry’s restaurant.

Jackie: Sam Goss, the young general manager, could not have been more charming. After giving us an astonishing suite overlooking the famous tulip trees, he provided us with a tray of sweets and fruits. We then ate a light and lovely lunch at Berry’s Bar & Terrace, located just outside their highly regarded Rosettes restaurant. What a tasty way to withdraw from England.

David: Our dinner at Berry’s sealed the deal. Historic Taplow House Hotel, as it currently stands, was built in 1751. The real features of the beautiful grounds are the tulip Trees. Not only were they planted some 200 years ago, but they happen to be the tallest and fattest tulip trees in Europe. They were planted by none other than Queen Elizabeth I. The hotel remains a beautifully maintained building that has undergone a great deal of restoration by its present owner.

Jackie: For the final two weeks of our journey we stayed at David’s special place in Milford on Sea. Yes, the views of the sea are breath taking,. It was a heart-jumping delight to see a deer roaming and dancing about in front of the sea. We needed to relax. We became fast friends with the young and masterful Andrew Stembrige, the managing director of the famed country house hotel Chewton Glen, close to New Milton. This is the destination as far as I am concerned. We had a fun and fantastic lunch with Andrew and his very dear wife Alison. It was a delight spending time with them.

And then there is the spa. Chewton Glen’s Spa is a universe of its own. Even those who are not able to relax (David) melt into the mists of water massages under the sky domed ceilings. What’s that people say, “The good old days?” We say the time is now. We’ll travel…

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