TARA, Ink: The ‘Go-To’ for Trends, Style, Fashion


Katy Perry wears Ema Savahl Couture.

With awards season in full swing, celebrities and stylists are scurrying round town and checking out the latest red carpet fashion and accessories.

For glam, those in the know visit TARA, Ink, a private residence in West Hollywood or Miami. The L.A. version’s living and dining rooms are combined with antiques, art, fun fashion and jewels. Brainchild of owners Tara Solomon and Nick D’Annunzio, visitors are offered champagne upon arrival, as if you are a guest in a friend’s home.

TARA’s west coast director, Daniel Malak talks trends.

“Many businesses are located in homes in order to present an aesthetic feel to brands. We felt that it showcased all of the designers that we carry in a much better light, both natural and literal. A lot of the stylists live in the area and it’s much easier to have them stop in.”

These are the stylists who are responsible for the “look” of award nominees, presenters and guests, as well as at parties and photo shoots. Some designers in the house: Kevan Hall, Sue Wong, Lorie Lester, Susana Mercedes, Mike Vensel, Our Lord & Savior, Ema Savahl Couture, Charles Albert Jewelry, Belle Coeur Jewelry, B. Lo Contemporary Jewelry, SEE Eyewear, Rumba Time Watches, Beautiful People Handbags, Fergie Footwear and Carlos by Carlos Santana Footwear.

An awards staple as a per-former, Katy Perry is known for her fashion sense.

“She’s a big fan of Ema Savahl, one of our most unique designers,” Malak said. “Ema’s a true artist by profession (she paints), who’s extended it. She’s developed a paint technology with Luminar paint and applied it to her gowns/dresses. It’s been well received because the pop stars love one-of-a-kind pieces. Ema’s clothes are all hand-made, hand-sewn, and hand-painted.” To see Ema Savahl’s work, visit her website at emasavahl.com.

Katy Perry wore two of Ema’s designs at parties and one as a Grammy presenter. A little scoop: Mrs. Perry ranges from a size two to a four.

Many of the E! on-air reporters are TARA, Ink. fans. At the recent HBO Golden Globe bash, correspondent Ashlan Gorse selected a custom Lorie Lester outfit.

“Ashlan’s very tall and needed something specific for her curves,” Malak said.

Inside scoop: We found out that E! News usually stays away from red clothing when shooting inside the newsroom. Their floor is red.

“Kimora Lee Simmons is by far one of the funniest, yet serious, and outrageous personalities,” Malak said. “She’s one of those women who is appropriately demanding. Although her choice may not make sense to you or me, her re-sults are amazing. She knows how to dress her height, curves, color tones and she is able to see something on a rack and say…’Yes,’ ‘No.’ ‘This will work’; ‘this won’t.’

“That confidence makes the dress. Half of the attire at a gala, whether it be during the day or at night, it’s really about how you present it. It even resonates through photos, through videos, through everything.”

The company worked with Glee’s Jane Lynch.

“Her body type was told to me as pear-shaped on stilts,” Malak said.

“She’s tall and elegant, but it’s hard because most of the sizes we have are sample sizes. She’s a bigger size, but not a bigger woman. Trina Turk designed a beautiful silk blouse for the cover of a magazine.”

Sue Facter reports on all things A-list for publications world wide including USA Today and Greer’s OC. Follow her on Twitter @TheFacter.

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