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Before I start my chatting, I must salute George Lucas, moving the billions of dollars he received from his sale to Disney directly to a charity for Education. George, you touch us deeply and heighten our hope for humanity. Now, to the column.

I want to Talk about the ever-ascending quality of theatre in NoHo. To be clear, The Tolucan Times has first-rate writers who review the plays and deal with theater. And as a local and a reader, I get excited by the delightful possibilities that they write about. So I need to chime in and add my huzzahs to lots of happy plays and spirited musical events. We can use some cheer around now, after reeling from the dreadful reality of the eastern storms and the barely-ending election. We are truly a fortunate community, having first-rate talent coming to our neck of the woods.


OK, I do have a personal delight in a new play just opening in NoHo. When one of your closest friends (and a colleague on the Board of Actors and Others for Animals) is in a show, one wants to do a shout out. “LORETTA SWIT!” I feel better now.

A year ago, David and I attended a play reading with Loretta reading the lead role. Very good stuff. That’s when I met the playwright Joshua Ravetch. He is an interesting and impressive guy and I’d like to share some of him with you. One of the film industry’s top production executives and also a successful playwright. He also is fascinated with flight. “I was seventeen when I first took the controls of a small plane. I had been in love with the idea of flight from the time before memory sticks to a toddler’s brain. There was something about the beauty and magic and romance and freedom of flight that wholly captured my imagination.” He tell me that that there have been literally 100 planes lost in America’s forests over the past 50 years, only one has been found. His new play is the story of that plane. And a final note, “As a writer, you set out to find the best cast for your play. You almost always settle. It’s unheard of that you end up with your first choice. That actually happened here!” Well good for all concerned.

More Theater to Shout About: The Troubies are returning to the Falcon, and congratulations local singing star Eileen Barnett, who is starring as the Hostess with the Mostest in Call Me Madam on Nov. 19 and 25 for the (Not for Profit) Musical Theatre Guild (Google for data). MTG mission is to keep Musical Theater alive and bring performances into the schools. Students are at all perfomances, enjoying what they can’t get in our school system.

And another friend is doing a benefit for our kids.

One night only, Nov. 27, the El Portal is offering up Pure Broadway, Cabaret for a Cause. The dearest and wicked Carole Cook will MC an evening of song & dance by first-rate artists to raise both money & awareness for L.A. County’s High School for the Arts musical theater department!

My Thanks to The Tolucan Times for allowing me to bring these good works to your attention! We’ll Talk….

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