The “Legend Series” Features the First Lady of Las Vegas, Rose Marie

Host B. Harlan Boll, Matt Patton with Rose Marie.

Host B. Harlan Boll, Matt Patton with Rose Marie.

The Magic Castle is on a role, after the successful launch of their “Legend Series” last month with Phyllis Diller, as they proudly introduced Rose Marie as the second featured artist in the series.
The series, produced by Matt Patton and hosted by B. Harlan Boll, took the patrons on a tour of one of entertainment’s longest and most fascinating careers.
Between moments of hysterical laughter, the audience listened to stories of how, as a child star on NBC Radio, they had to send her out on tour because “…no one could believe a child had a voice like that,” as Rose Marie explained. “People said, that’s not a child. It’s gotta be a 45-year old midget.” Eyes widened in the room when Mr. Boll asked how it was that she had come to call Capone, the greatest gangster of all time, Uncle Al.
The “Legend Series” is held in the Magic Castle’s Inner Circle, where Cabaret at the Castle highlights performers such as Carol Channing, Jason Graae, Natalie Toro, and will soon feature Ilene Graff, Rachel York and Florence Henderson. Until recently, the rarely used space has been virtually unknown to even many of the Castle members. It houses an eclectic collection including WC Field’s trick pool table, Marionettes from The Sound of Music, Edgar Bergen’s Ventriloquists dummies, Walt Disney’s original miniature of the Haunted Mansion, the original automaton Madam Carnak that Johnny Carson (who was an amateur magician and Magic Castle member) based his famous character, and the Hello Dolly! bar from Jerry Herman’s hit musical.


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