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A view from the Esquire House. William Grant USA

If you can picture a home where James Bond might reside, it could be the Esquire House. We’re talking the elegance of George Clooney, the taste of event planner Colin Cowie and precision of Bravo’s Jeff Lewis. Glenfiddich Scotch recently played host to the press to show off the lovely estate.

Perched on a cliff near the Doheny Estates, the house is more of a concept, than a home. Besides being exquisite and spacious, it houses every high-tech gadget known (and unknown) to man. The Esquire signature space has rotated between New York and Los Angeles, annually, since 2003. This locale is a popular rental property for charity events. No one resides in it. But they can, for $18 milllion and change.

After parking in a lot on Sunset Boulevard and taking an escorted van up the mountain past the “bird streets” of West Hollywood, we arrived. Through the privacy wall, we were naturally beckoned to the infinity outdoor pool area and an ultimate view of Los Angeles. Later, as nightfall approached, an eight-foot firewall with a dancing fire and a fountain of dancing jets could have been a contender for Dancing with the Stars. Eytan Pozansky, of H2O Studios, designed the water feature.

Glenfiddich malt master Brian Kinsman said this is the ultimate modern bachelor pad. And why not? The financially successful demographic who could afford the estate, can afford the crème de la crème.

Names like interior designer, Elaine Culotti, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Kyle Schueman, Salvadore Ferragamo and Lonni Paul were thrown in conversation in connection to the two buildings, two floors, the state of the art gym/wellness room, and a recording studio with $500,000 worth of equipment, outfitted by Blue Microphones. Gus Simon of Waves, an audio-video installation company, did the home’s electronic intra structure. Five miles of wires were used. Lutron, whose clients include the White House, Statue of Liberty, and Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, designed the lighting. The closets were as big as rooms.

Each room had a view. In fact, as someone said, “each tub had a view!” Built in the 1960s, the house has had five major renovations, orchestrated by architects Abramson/Teiger.

The piece de la resistance was the media room with a moving floor, designed by Amy Matthews, and the DIY Network.

Life is about the unexpected. You remember the people you share these experiences with and the laughs that come from sharing stories. I can say that my van ride down the mountain was filled with laughter from out-of-town visitors from England, Spain and Italy. By the time the van hit the parking lot, I received an invitation to visit Europe, as well as an offer for someone to host my upcoming birthday dinner. Yes, it was a Carrie Bradshaw moment.

The evening’s grand finale was when we tasted a 40 year-old scotch. It was a perfect ending to a great evening.

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