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I want to Talk about something most of us take for granted: Vision. Oh, I wear glasses, bifocals, which have suited me just fine … until I stunningly discovered I have double vision. Not good while driving on the freeway!

Adam’s Team

Vision is way up on my very wavy priority list as it’s nearing time to tout the Team for this year’s VisionWalk. November 1st seems like a long time away, but when gathering a Team and fund raising to meet our goal, one has to start early!

Once again, I’ll be joining my step son Adam Lawrence’s team, and good news is that it will be close to home! Woodley Park is not too far from our hood, and near the Japanese Gardens. It can be a double header. And very beautiful, if you can see…

Adam can not see, but he believes it’s possible, in his lifetime, to restore some sight due to the work accomplished from the funds raised by the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

In the 15 years that I’ve known Adam, RP, Retinitis Pigmentosa, a chronic eye disease with gradual degeneration of the retina, has taken Adam from a driving and working professional to a different life as a totally blind man. However, a champion blind man, he learned the cane, Braille, and is a volunteer for Guide Dogs of America, the organization who trained and gave Adam his beloved guide dog, Escort. Adam’s wife, Sheri Lawrence, is President of Tylie Jones Associates and often takes guide dogs or puppies in training to work with her as part of her volunteering for GDA. While Sheri runs her company, Adam runs their home and personal business affairs. And he puts heroic effort into helping other people who are potentially blind, and those who can’t see at all find hope … and perhaps a cure.

His Vision/Walk Team is called Adam’s Sighted Guides. Want check out the data? Try the Internet:

I’ve walked every year and it’s quite a joy to inhale around the good people who show up. And the internet edition of the Tolucan Times will have some additional data from Adam and information of the many cures that are within reach for so many with eye disease! Please email me at this paper if you want any more information.

Macular Degeneration

Adam Lawrence, on the town with Escort, may regain some vision with help from next VisionWalk LA, Nov. 1 in Woodley Park.

Adam Lawrence, on the town with Escort, may regain some vision with help from next VisionWalk LA, Nov. 1 in Woodley Park.

Four of my dearest friends are dealing with this dreadful eye disease. A wonderful comic and writer, a fabulous actor, and a darling singer/actress, I’m respecting their privacy. But I’ll name Carolyn See, as she is public and so is her problem. My dedicated girl friend since 1946, Carolyn’s life involved reading and writing. Last week she told me she had to leave her eminent position at The Washington Post, due to her extreme loss of vision. She still was able to cry, as she loved reading and writing with all her being. The internet is brilliant with loving kudos for Carolyn’s work. Admiration from great writers and critics made me tingle with pride… but at what a cost. Many of my Facebook Friends are not only putting up with my incessant begging, but they are joining the Team. This makes me beam.

I have several causes that are major priorities, and I Talk about them as the time shifts into different corners. Now, my focus is on Actors and Others for Animals, Foundation Fighting Blindness and the race for our district’s next member of the L.A. County Board of Supervisors. I’m not supposed to mention names of politicians now, due to journalistic rules. So just know that, if my candidate wins, she will make Los Angeles County a greater place with far reaching services. So, I’m on the hustle big time, and if you are copacetic get in line.

This is self-serving on my part, I’m worried about this weird vision I’m dealing with, wearing a patch in a lens until, whenever?

I thank you in advance for reading this whole spiel. With giant gratitude …

We’ll Walk.

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