The Goodwin’s Foster Care & Adoption Story

The Goodwin family.

The Goodwin family.

Vicki Goodwin loves being around kids and caring for them. She and her husband, David, have three grown children but regularly provided childcare for friends. One day, she saw a Children’s Bureau billboard promoting foster care and adoption and was interested in learning more. In 2005, the couple became certified foster parents and since then have cared for 40 infants, adopted three, and are in the process of adopting a fourth child.

“The best part about being a foster parent is the smile you can bring out of a scared, unsure child. We’ve mostly cared for babies but we’ve also had a few very scared toddlers. I also enjoy working with the birth families — parents and relatives. It can be challenging trying to schedule visits with everyone but I think it’s important that they know who has their kids and that they are safe,” Vicki says.

The Goodwin’s adopted Joseph, Amanda, and Gabriella and say the children keep them young and definitely moving with all the chasing around they do. Their older children also love the kids and now appreciate how much work goes into parenting.

“There are many kids out there who just need arms to hold them, even if it’s just for a short time,” Vicki says with a smile.

Interested? Attend the May 11 Information Meeting (10 a.m.– Noon) at Children’s Bureau House located at 11815 Riverside Dr. in North Hollywood, visit, or call (800) 730-3933.


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