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I was recently a guest onboard the famed Queen Mary, the 75-year-old ocean liner docked in Long Beach. The occasion was a cocktail party designed to get acquainted with Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts, the new management company for the Queen Mary.
They have many plans for restoring the Long Beach icon to its former glory and even further enhancing its appeal as a tourist attraction. The future looks promising, with the company’s history as a major hospitality management company not only in California but around the U.S. and Canada.
I shared with Julie Wright, public relations person for the Queen Mary, that it was a night of happy reminiscing for me, since I’d stayed aboard the ship while taping my first Kenny Kingston Psychic Hotline infomercial many years ago. In fact, much of the television show originated from the very room where the Delaware North event took place—the Queen’s Salon.
I always enjoy seeing photos of friends and clients from Hollywood’s Golden Years and passed by a huge photo of Gloria Swanson while walking the deck. It was a slight disappointment, though, not to see one particular photo at the entrance to the Queen’s Salon, but I’m sure it’s been moved to another location nearby.
The photo hung there when I last visited and featured my clients, Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Windsor.  He, of course, was the former King Edward VIII of England, who “gave up the throne for the woman he loved,” American socialite Wallis Warfield Simpson.
I’d given psychic readings to the Duke and Duchess (particularly the Duchess) on several occasions. One time, in the company of Wallis and her friend, famed party giver Elsa Maxwell, Wallis commented about something by proclaiming, “The heart will always have its reasons.”
Knowing that the Duchess had plans to write her autobiography, Elsa exclaimed, “Wallis!  That’s the title of your book—only it should be shortened to ‘The Heart Has Its Reasons.’” It became one of the Duchess’ favorite expressions and, indeed, became the title of her autobiography.
I chose this week’s letter with the Duchess and her philosophy in mind, as you’ll see when you read it:

Dear Kenny:
I’m a 16-year-old guy and I’ll start right out by telling you that maybe I’m weird these days but I’m a virgin. My girlfriend Gloria is, too. Many of our friends are having sex, though.
Gloria and I went to a movie last week and sitting across the aisle from us was my friend Jimmy with another person from our school, a girl named Carla. They started making out as soon as the movie started and about halfway through, they got up and left, smiling at us as they left.
Two days later I saw Jimmy at lunch and he said, “Man, do I have something to tell you.” He said that when Carla and he left the movie they went to her house because she said her mom wouldn’t be home til late.
He said, “She asked me if I was ready for action and I said yes. But then she told me that she hoped I had protection because she didn’t. She said it was up to the guy.”
Jimmy said that Carla told him that if she got pregnant, he’d have to pay for the abortion but “no one has to know about it.”
He went into the bathroom and thought about it a minute and then went out and told Carla he thought he’d better get home.
He told me, “I don’t know, man, maybe you and Gloria are on to something about not having sex. It’s great and all but lately I’ve heard several guys say that they’ve had sex with Carla but now are worried she might get pregnant.”
Kenny, do you think it’s weird to stay virgins til getting married? It seems like everybody’s having sex!
Thanks for letting me express my opinions and thanks to your newspaper editors, too. Even though we’re just teenagers we need to be able to write to you and say what we feel.

Thank you,

Dear T.P.:
You’re not “just teenagers,” you’re very important people. And the same applies to those who may be even younger than you. I chose your letter because, even though you will only know the Duchess of Windsor from the history books, her advice still applies today.
As you just read, she believed that “the heart has its reasons.” This means that we must follow our heart—follow our instincts. This includes your decision to remain a virgin til marriage. Don’t let your friends influence or pressure you into something you are uncomfortable with. If you feel strongly about not having sex, you have every right to feel that way.
For Carla, she may feel sex is the answer.  Or, sadly, she may not be following her own heart but instead the pressure of her peers. Because “everybody’s doing something” doesn’t make it right.  Never feel “weird” about staying true to your own convictions.

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