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Dear Sweet Spirits, this is my chance to talk to you again about the difference between a haunted location and one that is what I call “spirit visited.”

Valerie and I arrived at the gala benefit party in the courtyard of the Pasadena Playhouse and were partaking of the delicacies, when the lovely friend and public relations director Patty Onagan, adorned in sequins, greeted us with a kiss and gave us our fifth- row seat tickets.

We passed the in-lobby portrait of my dear friend Gilmore Brown, the founder of the Playhouse, who was an even better friend of my San Francisco friend Reginald Travers. I heard a few people look at the painting and comment, “So many people say that this theatre is haunted by actors who’ve appeared here and by Gilmore himself.”

I say they are wrong! The Playhouse is spirit-visited. The difference is that when a location is haunted, it has a negative feeling to it and the spirits who are there are unhappy. Spirit-visited locations are happy places frequented by spirits who are positive and friendly.

When Reg Travers and I journeyed there, it was from our intimate playhouse and studio at San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel, where Reggie taught drama and I had my psychic meetings. The studio/playhouse was given to us gratis by Fairmont Hotel owner Ben Swig.

Onagan had not known she was giving us the same seats recently that Reg and I had when we saw Edward Everett Horton and Zasu Pitts there many years ago.

On this recent night, it was a wonderful location to sit while seeing a full band onstage and the star of the show, the fabulous Leslie Uggams, in her one-woman show, Uptown, Downtown. It was not to be missed. The only thing Gilmore doesn’t approve of, in spirit, is that the Playhouse removed the middle aisle many years ago as part of a remodeling project. But Gilmore’s spirit told me he will continue to happily visit the theatre in the future.

Now, on to one of your letters. I promise to answer more next time:

Dear Kenny:

I have a horrible problem. My only son is 19 years old and hopes to marry his girlfriend, who is also 19, early next year. They have been inseparable for two and a half years.

Just recently, his job hours changed from days to nights. Last night, my husband and I went into a restaurant about fifty miles from home and off in a small corner there was his girlfriend with a young man, holding hands and kissing.

My husband and I got so nervous that we left the restaurant. On the way home I told my husband that I was going to tell my son as soon as he came home from work. But my hubby said, “No, let him learn about her on his own.”

We agreed to do nothing until you and the spirits tell us what is right. We used to come to your church all the time and trust you. Please hurry.

A loving mother.

Dear Mother:

The information I receive lovingly from spirit is that there is no choice but to tell your son what you saw before a big mistake takes place. I wish all of you the best.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself, and look for his answer to your question in a future issue. Send your letter to: Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614. For more information on Kenny, visit

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