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Dear Kenny:

I have been following your career for a long, long time and I’ve noticed that you have more women writing to you than men, but I’m going to hope you answer my letter.

I date a lot of women, but I will tell you that as soon as they see me with another woman or talking to another woman, let’s say at a party or at a restaurant, they tell me they’re going to start dating other men. It seems like I’m supposed to only look at or talk to my date the whole evening.

I like to talk to lots of women because I feel good about myself when I do. I think most women couldn’t stay true to me even for a week, not to mention a month. Try and ask the spirits to answer this for me, ok?

Bruce from Burbank

Dear Bruce:

Thanks for writing to me. While I do receive many letters from women, I also receive quite a few letters from men and always welcome them.

I worked with graphology for many years, as I said in an earlier column, and your handwriting is very clear to me.

I feel you like women, but right now can’t love them because you don’t trust anyone – man, woman or child. The same trait you’re accusing your dates of (not being true to you), you’re guilty of yourself. I feel you talk to numerous women instead of focusing on one because you’re insecure and afraid of becoming serious, for fear of being hurt.

With the next woman you date, though, try to make her feel important. Spend less time talking about yourself and really concentrate on her. Let her know you’d like to hear about her work, her hobbies…in other words, make her feel that you’re interested in her. Talk about what she’d like to do on your next date together.

Take a risk on opening up your feelings and allow yourself to feel vulnerable. I feel that the rewards will be high. Let me know what happens.

Dear Kenny:

I’m almost embarrassed to write to you. My friend went to one of those “storefront psychics” you see all over town. I told her she should have come to see you.

We’re both in our 50s so we should know better. But we’re both scared by what the psychic told my friend. She said there was a curse on her – a hex that could be removed if my friend pays her $1500 to work on it and remove it.

My friend has been having bad luck lately. Can a psychic remove a curse? Please answer as soon as possible as my friend is thinking of going back to the psychic. I’m worried for her.


Dear Sweet Spirit Vicky:

A curse or hex is only effective if you accept it. And it actually isn’t a curse so much as negative energy. If someone tells you there’s a hex, you immediately begin thinking negative thoughts and believing that you’re in danger.

If the focus of the psychic reading had been to help your friend remove her bad luck by helping her concentrate on achieving goals, thinking positively, etc., the psychic would have done her a great service. The psychic (and I don’t really believe that this person was a legitimate psychic at all) should have told your friend ways to help change the aspects of her life that are not happy.

You and your friend should ignore the idea of a hex or curse. You two could work together to overcome any thoughts of it. While together, or talking on the phone, repeat, “If someone is sending me negativity, I send it back from whence it came.” That way if someone is not sending a hex but thinking negatively about your friend or wishing her ill, you can overcome it. Don’t dignify the idea of negativity.

You two could pray or meditate together, focusing on one problem at a time. Perhaps there are aspects of your own life you’d like to improve, too. I often recommend that people meditate with colored candles – they are merely a tool for focusing attention on a problem and they also alert the spirit world as to what you’re in need of help with. A deep blue candle, to me, represents releasing depression and fear and it would be excellent for the two of you. See yourselves protected by a higher force – visualize yourselves strong and able to overcome any fears or anxiety.

I assure you that no human being can cast a spell on another person. Refuse to accept anything but positive energy and you will attract positive things into your life. Dwell on unpleasant things and that’s what you’ll attract.

Think no more about your friend’s supposed “hex” and I feel you two are well on your way to a happier life. Good luck, and all good blessings to you.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself, then look for his answer to your question in a future issue. Send your letter to: Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614. For more information on Kenny Kingston, visit

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