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Kenny Kingston with legendary Debbie Reynolds at a recent book signing/memorabilia event.

So many people write to me saying that they’ve heard me talk about auras on radio or television. So for this column I am going to explain what an aura is and what the various colors of auras mean. And then in two weeks I will get back to answering my mail. Please continue to write to me because I will answer as many of your letters as possible next time by touching the vibrations you leave on your handwritten letter and listening to my Sweet Spirits.

I believe that Ralph Waldo Emerson explained it best when he said, “What you are speaks to me so loudly that I cannot hear what you are saying.” He was reading an aura.

An aura is a magnetic field of energy surrounding, but not touching, the body. It comes in various sizes and colors reflecting our energy level, personality traits, health, or emotional state. Dark colors reflect negative or unhappy states; light colors represent happy or positive traits.

Learning to read an aura can help us in choosing a mate, an employer or employee – in fact it can help in all relationships in our lives.

My last couple weeks have been quite diversified between good and problematic events. But both types of situations have given me the chance to read some interesting auras. A couple of weeks ago, my loyal and wonderful assistant Valerie Porter, who has co-written five of my books and has assisted me with five of the television series I’ve had, all of a sudden developed a lot of difficulty with her right eye.

I immediately took her to the Emergency Room at St. Joseph’s Hospital. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by David Sanchez, who scheduled us for the next appointment. He had an orange-colored aura, meaning he is a perfect salesperson, good representative for the hospital and someone who can make things happen.

We next went into the triage area and the person caring for Valerie was Debbie Buffham, who had a rose-colored aura, which means she exuded peace and contentment and sent us into the exam room as calm as can be expected in an emergency room setting.

The doctor who greeted us was P. John Simic Jr., who put us immediately at ease. He, too, had a rose aura. He put Valerie at ease about the exam yet spoke very authoritatively. Valerie was very nervous but he immediately put her fears to rest. I hope everyone who goes to the ER has the good results we had. She is well on her way to recovery.

That enabled us to go to an event which was a celebrity book signing and memorabilia event sponsored by Mickey Sinardi’s Showstopper Stars. It was held near the Los Angeles airport.

The first person who greeted us on the red carpet was former game show host Peter Marshall. We hadn’t seen him for several years, since watching him perform in the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies. Peter had a bright pink aura, meaning he wants to return to his career as a host of his own show.

The event was very star-studded. Many of my friends were there and we were so pleased to see one another. My good friend, the legendary Debbie Reynolds, and I embraced one another and her aura was enormously bright pink – full of career potential. It has had tinges of red, indicating high energy. Debbie was wearing a red outfit, which is interesting because sometimes we subconsciously choose outfits whose color reflects our mood or aura without being aware of it.

I turned around and greeted a dear friend, Oscar winner Shirley Jones. We reminisced about how, many years ago when I first appeared on The Merv Griffin Show, Shirley was seated next to me.

I turned around and there was June Lockhart, of Lassie and Lost in Space fame. Nearby was former child star Beverly Washburn, looking bright and happy with a golden aura, meaning she has great plans for the future and is also a spiritual person.

Seated across from me as we were autographing our books was Catherine Hicks, who recently co-starred for many years on television’s 7th Heaven series. Her smile was as bright as her aura, which was a lovely green. This means she is a sympathetic person and has healing power, as well.

Spirit told me to tell her that she should do a play. The spirit who told me this was my lovely friend and client Marilyn Monroe. I couldn’t figure out why Marilyn would be giggling with happiness while giving me the message.

Catherine reminded me that she had played Marilyn many years ago in a television movie and said that at that time she often felt Marilyn around her in spirit.

I invite you to visit my web site,, for more information on auras, including a chilling reading I did for Princess Diana. It also explains how you can receive your own aura reading from me.

Next time – we return to your letters.

Personally handwrite your letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself and send it to: Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614. Then look for his answer to your question in a future issue. For more information on Kenny visit

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