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Dear Kenny:

I wish I could change my habit of always thinking the worst is upon me. When I’m home I take my blood pressure as often as I get the slightest feeling of it being too high.

My wife says I’m in good condition for 72 years old. But when I read in the newspaper that the flu is about to strike our city, I can’t find the blood pressure cup or thermometer fast enough.

Gloria, my wife, says I’m driving her “nuts” (that’s her word) and I know I am. She points out that when I’m out with friends or shopping I never think of my health. She told me to write to you and you would help me.


Dear M.P.:

I went into trance briefly after reading your letter and came up with this message – not from me but from one of your spirit guides named Marie. She told me that she knew you in second grade and as she remembers, you were always eccentric. She also said you were close then to what your wife says you are today, which is a hypochondriac. If you will know and accept this, you can work on changing your thinking and behavior.

M.P., I feel that you are in good physical condition. However, please make an appointment with your personal physician for a complete check-up. Spirit tells me your doctor will find you in good health. Then please be happy and you will make Gloria happy, too.

Dear Kenny:

I’m going to Las Vegas in August and wonder if you will please give me some numbers to play. I’ll share some profits with you. Thanks in advance,


Dear Roberto:

Bless you, Sweet Spirit. But I was given my gift by God to really help those who need a helping hand along the way with career, love, health and other such matters. I was not given the gift to give gambling advice.

Trust me, you are better off closing your eyes and just playing whatever game you have an inclination to play. I wish you good luck and know you will have fun one way or the other.

By the way, not particularly pertaining to gambling, but rather to gaining financial success and security with whatever might be your cause, I always suggest meditating with a green candle and visualizing yourself attaining the financial happiness you deserve. Green is for money. As you’re burning the candle (which should be a tall, dinner-style, non-scented candle) for five minutes at a time, see your finances improving and say, “The money I seek, seeks me.”

This same method applies to any area of your life. For love, burn a yellow candle, for career, a pink candle. Visualize your life improving in that area and repeat, “The love that I seek, seeks me” or whatever you desire.

(Dear Readers, if you send me a self-addressed, self-stamped envelope I will send you a chart featuring all of my recommended candle colors as well as instructions for this simple but effective meditation method.)

Dear Kenny:

I have been dating the same girl exclusively (so I thought) for two years now. I was really serious about her and thought she felt the same way about me.

But recently I found out from a mutual friend that she’s been seeing another guy on the side. What would you advise me to do?


Dear Phil:

If you really value your relationship with this girl I would tell her what you heard. You don’t necessarily need to mention the name of the friend who told you.

I would get your girlfriend’s reaction to what you say. Perhaps the other man is just someone to fill in her time. I must tell you that I feel she really cares about you and will change her ways when she finds out that you know about the other person.

Good luck and I sincerely think this girl is meant for you. Keep in touch with me about your happenings in the romance department.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself and look for his answer to your question in a future issue. Send your letter to: Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614.

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