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Dear Kenny:

I’m 26 years old and have a very well-paying job that includes salary and percentage. I’m in sales.

But I’m really not happy. In the years that I’ve been working ever since leaving college I’ve saved about ten thousand dollars. I come from a large family. My parents helped all of us older children but they still have my brothers, two teenagers, at home so I’d like to give back to them some of my savings. I know they’d never ask me for any financial help.

I don’t know whether uniforms (the military particularly) have anything to do with a past life of mine (I believe in past lives) but for some reason I’m mesmerized by them and want to wear one.

I checked into going into the Army and with my background of studies they said I could be accepted into Officer training. This really intrigues me.

Some of my buddies think I’m crazy to think about leaving a good-paying job for the Army, but I’m just not happy and I think this is what I want.

I hope you will read my letter and as you say “pick up my vibrations” and tell me what to do. I promise you that I will follow your advice to the letter.


Dear D.L.:

After receiving your letter I placed it on my meditation table and burned a pink-colored candle for career matters. I burned it for five minutes at a time for two days.

Within that time I heard from someone in spirit who said, “The military would be perfect for D.L. Please encourage him.”

I blew out the candle, got the smoke in the palms of my hands, and am sending you this answer in my column. Please follow the spirit’s advice and make plans to accept the military’s invitation. I feel you’ll be very happy with the decision.

Dear Kenny:

I’m about to go out of my mind. I’ve been married to Steve (not his real name) for six years and we have two children. They don’t quite yet understand the foul language of the “F” word that he uses perpetually, but that’s why I’m writing.

I’ve asked him repeatedly to stop, because they will soon learn what it means. But he seems to enjoy my asking him to stop and just says it more.

He’s even used it in front of my mother, who’s almost a saint, the way she spends time in church.

He also uses that word and other foul language when he’s coaching baseball. He coaches in his spare time at the junior high where he once attended.

A few of the parents of the students have taken their children out of the team and have told me why. It’s his language.

I fear that I truly can’t stand it another day. He’s generous to me and good to me in other ways. I’m not holier-than-thou but he is extremely rude to speak this way, I think, and I’m losing all respect for him.

Some of my family and friends have said they won’t come to visit because they have children and wouldn’t want to subject them to this environment. Please advise me as to what to do.


Dear Sweet Spirit Marion:

My advice is to tell your husband that if he can’t immediately stop the cussing he should plan to move out so he’s not subjecting innocent children to his foul behavior.

I must say, however, that I suspect he mainly does it to get attention from you. I don’t find him to be a bad man in general. But he is dangerous to have around young children as they are growing up. We hear too often in the news about children who turn to violent behavior and language and naturally it may well be influenced by their home environment.

I would call his attention to this fact and tell him that he could be responsible for something like that happening with your family and surely he doesn’t want that to be the case.

I psychically feel his behavior can be stopped when he realizes the danger he’s putting his children in, and when he knows that you are willing to ask him to leave for the sake of the children if he does not clean up his language.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself then look for his answer to your question in a future issue. Send your letter to: Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614. For more information on Kenny Kingston visit

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