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Dear Kenny:
We are going to have a week’s vacation in Las Vegas next month and it made me start wondering:  can you use your God-given gift when you go there to come home much richer?  Can I develop my psychic ability so that I can win at gambling?

Rose D.

Dear Sweet Spirit Rose:
The answer is absolutely “no” – to both questions. The wonderful gift is bestowed upon me, I feel, from the Higher Forces to be used to aid people in dire need of help.  And I wouldn’t encourage anyone to try to develop psychic abilities for gambling.  Thanks for asking a question that is asked of me many times.
Dear Reverend Kenny:
My son Jamie, my sister Betty and I used to attend your spiritual church meetings all the time when you had them in the Valley.  Please open another church!  We need your type of services that you held.  Everyone left feeling happy and glad to be alive.  So many of your Reverends gave messages from the hereafter.
My problem is Jamie.  He’s now 24 (he was 9 when he first attended your church).  He married two years ago and filed for divorce eight months later.  I knew Karen was wrong for him, but there is no talking to someone who thinks they’re in love.
Now he’s dating a lovely girl from a very wonderful family.  She told me the other day that of all the boys she’s ever dated, he’s the one for her.  I’m not sure he’s really serious about her, though. 
How can I convince him she’d make him a wonderful wife?  When she comes over for dinner, she always offers to do the dishes afterwards. It’s little thoughtful things like that that tell me she’d be a very good mother and wife.  Please help me before he loses her.


Dear Carolyn:
Please – I meditated with a yellow candle (the color I recommend for love) and I came up with a definite answer:  just occasionally say nice things about his current girlfriend – don’t come on too strong to your son about her. Under no circumstances mention any other girls he’s dated, or the one he was married to.
The same way that you couldn’t convince him not to be in love, you can’t convince him to be in love. But I picked up, also, that he’s a bright young man and will realize for himself that this one is the lasting one for him.  Please let me know.
I wish the best that life has to offer for Jamie and the girl he chooses for his life mate.
Dear Kenny:
I’m a 22-year-old female who needs your advice badly.
I’ve been designing clothes on paper ever since I started high school.  It just comes naturally to me.
I have a part-time job and I buy material from my salary to make dresses for my mom and aunt, and everyone tells them and me that I am the next Coco Chanel.
When I hear them say that a chill runs up and down my spine – what does that mean?
Do you feel I’ve got the talent to be an excellent designer?  Please answer me a.s.a.p. because in this life I’m not getting any younger! I don’t want to waste my time if I’m not meant to do this.


Dear Loretta:
I’m so very glad that you wrote the letter yourself.  As a note to my Tolucan readers, it’s so helpful to me when you write and seal the letter yourself, because your vibrations are strong when I open the letter. Far too many people type their letters.
I was able to do two types of readings for you, Loretta.  I analyzed your handwriting (called graphology).  Now some people might think graphology is a “lark,” but one of the world’s wealthiest men at one time, Huntington Hartford, who owned many A&Ps and for whom the Huntington Hartford Theatre was named, never made a move without coming to see me to check on his handwriting.
Yours…well, it certainly shows signs of sensitivity and the creative arts.  I feel psychically that when you get that chill, the spirits are telling you that your mom and aunt are right about your talent.
I lit a pink candle for you (pink is for career) and meditated for 5 minutes, as I recommend to my clients. I definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, feel that you should find a design school that would aid you and where you would be surrounded with people whom you deserve to be with.
There was only one Coco Chanel. Incidentally, I saw Katharine Hepburn’s performance of her on Broadway and I feel she was superb in the role.  But you, too, are superb as a designer.  In closing, I pick up in spirit that you have an individualistic touch for each person, knowing how to make them look classic.  I wish you nothing but the best.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself, then look for his answer to your question in a future issue.  Send your letter to:  Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614.  For more information on Kenny Kingston, visit

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