The Sausage Maker’s Daughters


Review by Lorenzo Marchessi

“The Sausage Maker’s Daughters” author A.G.S. Johnson.

If you are looking for a great read that’s intelligent, The Sausage Maker’s Daughters is the book for you! “A good book to me is one that submerses me in somebody else’s world in a realistic way,” author A.G.S. Johnson says.

The story centers on a sausage maker’s youngest daughter headed for the fight of her battle-scarred life set during theVietnamera and the counterculture. Kip Czermanski, 24-years-old and nowhere near her home inCalifornia, finds herself in a jail cell in herWisconsinhometown, awaiting a court appearance in the mysterious death of her ex-lover who happened to be her brother-in-law.

She remembers standing over the body of her former lover, but then things get confusing. They begin to unravel artfully in a series of well woven flashbacks.

Given her father is the small town’s leading citizen, Kip isn’t overly worried in the beginning, but the personal grudge the District Attorney holds for all the Czermanskis doesn’t bode well for Kip.

The flaws in the family are wide, from the father who left the care of his daughters to a series of Polish nannies as well as to Sybel, who hates Kip, and Samantha, the peacemaker among the siblings. The drama in the courtroom trial is detailed, gritty, and real.

A.G.S. says, “This book was originally my thesis in my master’s program in an early form. On and off over the next 10 years it became the novel it is now,” she explains.

This is more than a murder mystery or legal suspense. It’s a saga that is as heartbreaking for the reader as it can be amusing. I really enjoyed The Sausage Maker’s Daughters by A.G.S. Johnson and was actually a little frustrated (in a good way) when it ended — not knowing fully the outcome for all the characters beyond my own imagination. It has energy and flow that will make you read it again! Check out her website at

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