‘The Second Coming of Christ’ asks in what do you put your faith

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Feature film opens Fri., Dec. 8 at Laemmle Playhouse7 in Pasadena

The question that faces each of us is not whether to have faith. We all have faith. But in what do we put our faith? Ourselves? Humankind? Science? My Prius? Atheists and believers alike must answer, “Who is Jesus?”

The new film, The Second Coming of Christ tells the story of scientist and atheist Dr. Beatrix Cera (Diana Angelson, supported by an international cast), as she heroically tries to save the world when faced with a worldwide ecological disaster leading to famine and the end of all life.

This emotional and personal story unfolds as Dr. Cera struggles mightily to find a solution to insurmountable problems as the intricate web of life unravels uncontrollably. Fellow scientist John Zachary (Jason London) and her daughter Alba (Jessica Zhou) challenge her to believe in the power of Jesus to do what we cannot do for ourselves. If you cannot save even one life, how can you save the whole world?

Meanwhile, government and military power brokers cynically strike deals to save themselves and profit, in case Dr. Cera fails in her mission. Each must decide with whom their loyalties reside.

The Dove Foundation awarded The Second Coming of Christ with its “Faith-Friendly” seal of approval. The Foundation states “the film does a good job in pointing the way to Jesus as mankind’s only hope.”

The Second Coming of Christ marks the directorial debut of Daniel Anghelcev. The screenplay was written by Diana Angelson and produced by Anghelcev’s Flawless Productions along with 7Heaven Productions and FilmBrewery.

The Second Coming of Christ, Red Carpet World Premiere Screening is scheduled for 7pm, Thursday, December 7 at Laemmle Playhouse 7 located at 673 East Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena.   


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