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I had the privilege several weeks ago of viewing a Techno-Home. Forget about clapping your hands and the lamps turning on. How about a hand-held remote that lets you turn on the television, audio and DVD player, control the lighting and control the air and heating system? That’s right. One slick remote.
I spent a few hours last week with Fredrik Bystedt, owner and systems designer of Digitronic of Los Angeles. Fredrik was bringing a 125-year old mansion into the 21st century. I sat in the basement of the grand old home as Fredrik completed programming his system that will control everything, from security to the mood music in the bedroom. Fredrik informed me that the wiring in the house, if laid end to end, would reach from Los Angeles to San Diego.
Q: I understand you have devised a unique system that allows a homeowner to control the residence with a simple hand-held remote or touch panel.
A: That is correct. My company, Digitronic, has designed a system that gives the home owner total control of the residence inside and outside. It also allows the clients to observe their home and control central air, alarm, cameras and lighting from any place in the world with a computer.
Q: How are they able to view the home with a computer?
A: We provide a webpage for each client that allows them to type in a password which takes them to their home site.
Q: You mean to tell me you can view the gardener and anyone who may be making some changes to your home while you are any place in the world?
A: That is absolutely correct. We can, if requested, install small pin-size cameras in key locations inside and outside the home. These small cameras cannot be detected by the viewing eye. You simply use your laptop or desktop computer wherever you might be at any location in the world. Having these cameras and the ability to view your home inside and outside provides a safety net that has never been realized until now. For example, when a client went to Europe last year for a month, the live-in housekeeper decided to throw a party. The client just happened to be scanning his home one evening to view strangers trampling through almost every room of his home. From Paris, France, he notified the security firm who arrived at the home. A shocked housekeeper could not understand how the security company knew the owner was out of town. The cameras inside the home enabled the owner to view his home on the other side of the world.
Q: How does your security system stop a home invasion?
A: Digitronic developed an addition to our existing security system after the increase in home invasions. We install panic buttons in discreet places. The placement of these buttons is known only to the owner. Your finger has to be placed on the button in order to trigger the alarm. We placed the buttons in back of chairs, down inside the couch, and created a panic button on the remote. If the client has access to the remote at the time of a home invasion break-in, they can use the remote by pressing an HB button. Once the homeowner, experiencing a home invasion has pressed the button, it sends a message to the law enforcement.
Q: Take me on a journey through the Techno-Home.
A: You are on your way from a busy day at the office, or coming home from a business trip or vacation. You are a few blocks away from your home. You push one of the three buttons on your car visor which is programmed to your system. From the car visor you can turn on the lights in the garage and inside the house, and at the same time, activate music in the desired rooms of your home. You arrive home to a lighted garage and a well-lighted home with music playing in the background. After dinner, you may want to retire to your office, or library, for some unfinished work. From a touch panel or a hand-held remote, you can turn on the lights in the office or library and provide the desired music of choice. Depending on the time of year, you can also turn on the air conditioning, heating system or turn on the heat in your Jacuzzi. You complete your work in your office or library. Through a voice activated intercom system you contact your spouse or significant other and ask them to join you outside in the Jacuzzi. With the hand-held remote, you can adjust the proper temperature and then select the music on the hand-held remote that will play during the hour in the Jacuzzi.
It is bedtime. You turn off the Jacuzzi with your hand-held remote. You turn on the lights in your bedroom, and with the remote, you select the desired music and at the same time, set the alarm system throughout the house. The desired music in your bedroom is on a 15-20 minute timer.
Next morning, you awake to the sounds of the ocean with waves crashing against the shore, and in the distance you hear the sound of sea gulls. Or you might awaken to various sounds of birds. The music in the morning is designed to put you in a positive mood. Prior to taking your shower, you can activate the coffee maker and turn on the lights in the kitchen, and turn on the television to your early morning news.
Q: I see why now it is important to invest into a Techno-Home. Not only does it provide security unlike anything we have today, it simplifies everything within the home with a simple hand-held remote, proving once again that your dreams do come true.
Digitronic’s celebrity client list includes: director Steven Soderbergh and his actress wife, Jules Asner; actor Dominic Monaghan; writer-producer Shawn Ryan; and film composer Ed Shearmur.

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