The Travel Facter: Travel Experts Shine at the Los Angeles Times 15th Annual Travel Show

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From l, Blake Mycoskie with Booth Moore at the “Los Angeles Times” Travel Show.

Ever want to visit Helsinki, Hong Kong, or Dubai? Want to know the most economical way to go or just how to navigate through social media? Travel junkies caught up with the world’s best travel experts at the 15th Annual Los Angeles Times Travel Show.

Rudy Maxa (The Savvy Traveler), Arthur Frommer (340 travel guides), Mike Wolfe (American Pickers), Andrew McCarthy (yes that Andrew McCarthy), Rick Steves (Rick Steves Europe), John Discala (Johnny Jet), and Phil Keoghan (The Amazing Race) spoke about their mutual travel passion.

Los Angeles Times Travel Editor, Catharine Hamm, started packing her travel bags early in life. “My dad’s idea of a moving experience was picking up and actually moving! We lived in New York, D.C, Honolulu, and Manila. Travel was part of my DNA.”

When traveling for biz or pleasure, she feels like a student of the world. “I learn new cultures and am surprised I recognize things from my own country, family, or myself. It’s eye opening.”

How rare is it that the frequent traveler doesn’t get jet lag? “I interviewed a doctor who told me I must have really good genes. Actually when I get someplace, I am so excited to be there, I’m not tired anymore!”

She jokes, if you don’t get enough sleep regularly, sleeping on a plane is the best time to sleep! “Finding the right neck pillow is important for that. I can be asleep before the wheels lift off!

“The thing among travel writers is my favorite destination is the place I’m going next.” She raves about the Philippines. “The people are tremendously gracious, among the most courageous. I learn so much from their resilience from much hardship.”

Booth Moore (The Times’ Fashion Critic) was in-between trips from New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. She interviewed Blake Mycoskie, founder of Tom’s Shoes and author of Start Something That Matters. Immediately after, Moore covered the Oscar Red Carpet, and then hopped a plane to Paris. Busy gal!

“I travel so much for work and have to pack for two seasons because I’m in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. I usually stick to one color – black or an earth tone brown palette. When you’re in a wintery place, the coat is the most important thing.”

The fashion writer travels with two suitcases: “One is for mostly clothes; the other for shoes and accessories. I find it useful to keep the clothes on the hangers so I can just pull out the outfit and transfer it easily into the closet. Socks and underwear go into shoes; scarves go into handbags.”

Instead of a garment bag, she uses an oversized duffel bag. “You can cinch it shut. I pack layers of sweaters on the bottom. Regular luggage is heavy when empty and you can only do 50 pounds.”

To avoid jet lag, she tries to sleep on planes, stay hydrated, and she even has a little wine. “Set your watch right away and never look back.”

Frequent traveler Sue Facter owns a news agency that specializes in the luxury brand. Her work appears in USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Women’s Day Australia, on broadcasts and the web.

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