The Westin Maui

One of many views from our balcony.

One of many views from our balcony.

Jackie: We want to talk about our week in Maui, and it will take about seven columns to properly share this wonderful vacation with you. I almost forgot what a vacation could be… time for DL to wax on…

Back To Where It All Began
David: Just a smidge short of six very-nice-indeed years ago, my new wife and I flew off on our honeymoon to Maui. Now we are returning, all those happy and sometimes tumultuous moments under our belts, not just to the island paradise but also to the very same resort—The Westin Maui. Drifting back into the romantic past, before sailing ahead into the rest of our lives. Dreams come draped with a lei and scored by the music of gentle waves.
When our American Airlines magic carpet lifts, so do our spirits. Our flight attendants are congenial and patient; one of the many reasons why we love American.
By the time we are top-down in our convertible (courtesy Aloha Rent-a-Car/Maui Vans—great service and prices!), heading for Kaanapali Beach and island songs coming from the radio, we are already in an Aloha mode.
Jackie: Driving up to the Westin with the November sun on our cheeks was like coming home. Warm welcomes and even warmer smiles. Beautiful shell leis are offered as we enter to the open view of the long waterfall, the large pond (graced by flamingos, colorful swans and koi), the sand and the sea. We talk to the familiar parrots as we head to our room and my favorite view from Maui. I love this spot, with appropriate passion.
The superb staff is full of Aloha, and they offer beyond their individual assignments. As a giving gesture, you’ll see a staff group doing the hula and teaching the meaning of the hula hands; sharing their culture. And at every pool, dining spot or peaceful place, the ukulele or guitar bring us Hawaiian music. It’s beyond entertaining; the soul of these dear people is much of the spirit that lifts us.
Sports fans can watch their games from every friendly bar. Even from the adult (no kiddies) hot tub—a nice way to meet fellow guests. Big Basketball tournament in Maui now. And, the golf Tournament of Champions is coming. Come and see the greats. (Check the Web site for when and who… maybe you too?)
David: Now, you will see and hear the word “heavenly” a whole lot at the Westin Maui—it is part of the resort’s trademark and, for us, part of the entire experience. There are: the heavenly beds, so easy to get into; the heavenly showers, so hard to get out of (we’re still guilty about the long, lingering times under the bracing water). There is the heavenly spa with an enormous menu of treatments. We will happily add at least one more: the heavenly views. From our 8th floor eyrie (this is the Starwood Preferred Guest Floor which earns additional points redeemable for lots of good prizes!) we could feast on the eye-popping views from our wide balcony outside the large and superbly-equipped bed/sitting room.
A special “Mahalo” to General Manager Craig Anderson and PR Director Sumithra Balraj, who offer a tip for our readers: This is the time to travel. Due to the economy, prices and packages are more affordable than ever. Check up. Check in.
Jackie: Below our balcony, the beautiful setting of Tropica, the Westin’s fine dining restaurant: thatch umbrella tables surrounding a large koi pool and book ended by rushing waterfalls. We’ll talk about the divine dining at Tropica in a following column. Too much goodness to talk about! We’ll travel…

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