The World Is Nuts


It’s hard to keep up with the tragedies. It’s been one after the other without any time in-between to digest them. The Malaysian airliner disappearing in the Indian Ocean with 250 passengers aboard followed by the soldier who went off the deep end at Fort Hood followed by the kid at the High School going on a rampage stabbing twenty people followed by a bus load of students getting hit head on by a FedEx truck killing ten and injuring many more followed by three people being killed at a Jewish community center and a retirement home in Kansas. Did I remember them all? I don’t know, I may have missed a tragedy or two. All in just a matter of a few weeks.

The world has always been filled with nut jobs. Wackos who commit heinous atrocities on innocents have been around forever. But it seems that lately it’s happening more and more, or else we just hear about more of them then we used to. The Sandy Hook Elementary School slaughter in 2012 is a recent standout because of the large number of people killed by one insane 20 year-old. There were 28 total killed including the killer and his mother.

We have just passed the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. In Boston the anniversary started with a solemn wreath-laying ceremony Tuesday morning at the site of the twin explosions, the first tribute in a day dedicated to honoring the three people who died, the more than 260 people who were injured, and the first responders, doctors and nurses who helped them. Governor Patrick, Mayor Walsh, Cardinal O’Malley and even Vice President Biden were on hand among other dignitaries to pay honor to the victims.

Two brothers, ethnic Chechens who were followers of radical Islam planned and carried out the attack. The older brother was killed in a shootout with police; the other brother has pleaded not guilty to 30 federal charges and is awaiting trial. He faces the possibility of the death penalty. If there is any justice in the universe, he will get it. The sooner the better. This bum left a hand-scrawled confession condemning U.S. actions in Muslim countries on the inside wall of a boat he was found hiding in following the police shootout.

The world has gone absolutely nuts. And not only because of lunatics who go on killing sprees. If any further proof is needed that our entire planet has gone off its axis and is spinning out towards Neverland, a recent news report from India should convince you once and for all. India’s Supreme Court has created an official third sex for its transgender eunuchs and announced they will have a quota of government jobs and college places to help them overcome discrimination.

That’s right. An official third sex has been declared in India. The decision was met with jubilation and dancing in the streets by transgenders who said it was a milestone in their fight against marginalization in Indian society. India’s transgenders include those who feel they were born into the wrong sex, men born with deformed genitals and effeminate boys disowned by their families and sent to live in eunuch colonies.

The court ruled that those who have been castrated or undergone gender reassignment surgery, as well as those who present themselves as not of the sex they were born into, can all be classified as transgender. There are just under two million eunuchs and transgenders in India, many of whom live in groups controlled by a eunuch guru and survive by aggressive begging.

Although marginalized, they are also widely feared. They often turn up at weddings and after the birth of boys to demand large donations for their blessings. Many people pay in fear of their curse or embarrassment – they often hitch up their saris and reveal their mutilated genitalia outside the homes of those who refuse. Wow. Talk about trick or treat.

In New Delhi some eunuchs operate as organized extortion gangs and their collections are so successful there have been calls for them to be hired as tax collectors to boost revenues. We can only hope that this won’t give President Obama any ideas. Lois Lerner was bad enough.

An official third sex for the human race, what could be better? How stupid and shortsighted people must have been for thousands of years to think that the human race was made up of only two sexes. Or was it transgenderphobic bigotry at work? In India the boxes to check on forms will now read “male,” “female,” and “transgender.” I think to be on the safe side they should also include one other box marked “other.” Just to be sure that no one is excluded.

So now that the Indian government has created an official third sex the question is, how long will it be before other countries follow suit? Not too long, methinks. Look for it soon at a government near you. In the US we have already laid the groundwork for it. If you don’t think so, attend a few classes at some of our elite universities and listen to what is being taught.

Then tell me again that the world has not gone completely nuts.

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