They’re Paying It Forward


Artists hard at work to make The Linden House a special place.

Burbank is home to many studios and companies connected with the movie and television industries, but one in particular has the biggest heart. Viacom employees and those at Nickelodeon get together once a year choosing a project to benefit those in need. They are The Via Community Group headed by Carson Smith, a Manager at Nickelodeon Studios. This year, along with VH1 and others, their chosen project was put together by several wonderful agencies, including Judy Arandes, the Burbank Housing and Development’s representative, and Laurie Bleick from the Family Service Agency of Burbank.

They needed to create homes for young adults ages 14-24 who were challenged in life through homelessness, poor education, broken families, and more. A four unit house called The Linden House needed upgrading and repairs to achieve their goal, so everyone rolled up their sleeves and got to work!

Amazingly, in one day they painted, built, repaired, and planted turning the housing project into a dream house. One of the achievements was to turn the garage into a gym and craft room with the walls painted in striking murals by several extremely talented artists in the group. It won’t be long before the chosen ones will arrive and spend up to two years under guidance and education through volunteers and teachers to be ready to face life’s challenges with a brighter outlook for their future. Good work and “Hats off” to all involved in making a better life for the new residents. God bless! What a group! Send your comments to

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