Things I Never Thought I’d See


I never, in a million years, ever thought I’d see… Well, the following things:

France Chastising the U.S. for Being Too Weak

Check out the following speech by French President Sarkozy given at the United Nations last week:
“France fully supports your [the U.S.]initiative to organize this meeting, and the efforts you undertook with Russia to reduce nuclear arsenals. But let us speak frankly—we are here to guarantee peace. We are right to speak of the future but before the future there is the present, and at present we have two nuclear crises.
“The people of the entire world are listening to what we’re saying—to our promises, our commitments and our speeches—but we live in a real world, not a virtual world. We say: reductions must be made. And President Obama has even said, ‘I dream of a world without [nuclear weapons].’ Yet before our very eyes, two countries are currently doing the exact opposite.
“Since 2005, Iran has violated five Security Council resolutions. Since 2005, Secretary-General, the international community has called on Iran to engage in dialogue. An offer of dialogue was made in 2005, an offer of dialogue was made in 2006, an offer of dialogue was made in 2007, an offer of dialogue was made in 2008, and another one was made in 2009. President Obama, I support the Americans’ outstretched hand but what did the international community gain from these offers of dialogue? Nothing. More enriched uranium, more centrifuges and, on top of that, a statement by Iranian leaders proposing to wipe a UN member State off the map.
 “What are we doing? What conclusions are we drawing? There comes a time when facts are stubborn and decisions must be made. If we want, in the end, to have a world without nuclear weapons, let us not accept the violation of international rules.”
The speech goes on to also name North Korea as the second crisis facing the free world but, the point is, when was the last time you heard the leader of any country, let alone France, asking the U.S. to take a STRONGER hand with rogue nations? I love the part where Sakozy says “…we live in the real world, not a virtual world” which is a pretty big knock against Obama’s attitude on how to how to deal with our enemies.

Global Warming Experts Admitting That the World Might Actually Be Getting Cooler

One of the world’s top climate modelers, scientist Mojib Latif of the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences at Kiel University, Germany, said last week that we could be about to enter one or even two decades during which temperatures will actually cool. Latif, an author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), spoke to more than 1500 of the world’s top climate scientists gathering in Geneva at the UN’s World Climate Conference.
It appears that more and more scientists agree that the short-term prognosis for climate change is much less certain than once thought. In the next few years, a natural cooling trend will dominate over warming caused by humans. The cooling would be down to cyclical changes to ocean currents and temperatures in the North Atlantic, a feature known as the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO).
Breaking with climate-change orthodoxy, Latif said NAO cycles were probably responsible for some of the strong global warming seen in the past three decades. “But how much? The jury is still out,” he told the conference. The NAO is now moving into a colder phase. The fact is, the globe has been cooling since the peak temperatures reached in 1998, and now the IPCC has realized that their models don’t measure the observed decline and coming declines in temperatures.

New York City Honoring Communist China

The most famous building in the entire world—the building most associated with American ideals and the American way—New York’s Empire State Building was lit up with red and yellow lights Wednesday, September 30th in honor of the 60th anniversary of Communist China.
Every Christmastime, the Empire State Building is lit with red and green lights, the building goes all green for Saint Patrick’s Day and when Frank Sinatra died, they used blue lights for “Old Blue Eyes.” Well, now we will shine the great and glorious colors of the People’s Republic of China across the New York skyline to honor the Communist takeover of that country.
The Chinese consul Peng Keyu, and other officials, took part in the lighting ceremony which bathed the skyscraper in the colors of the People’s Republic until Thursday, Empire State Building representatives said in a statement.
New York City, the greatest city in the United States of America, honoring a murderous, Communist, Totalitarian regime? Now that is really something. What about all the millions who were murdered by this regime? What about the millions who were sent to labor camps… who were tortured? And I guess nobody remembers Tiananmen Square, eh? What’s next, honoring the Russian Gulags? Honoring Nazi Germany?
Nope, I never thought I’d see this happen here.

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