This Month’s Best Kept Secret, Spago


For those of you, who are not familiar with this famous eatery, once known as the Bistro Gardens, Spago manages to maintain its charm, even through near disaster.

Long known as a hangout for glamorous celebs as well as the Hollywood set, it has always been a popular dining sanctuary. Though countless parties and events have been held there, including Sir Elton John’s star-studded Oscar parties raising the roof, never has it been razed, which is exactly what happened Tuesday, May 1, when the domed glass ceiling came crashing down between tables during lunch.

Everyone was caught by surprise as we heard a large bomb-like noise and the roof above our heads suddenly crashed to the floor. We had no idea if we were under siege, but it sent everyone running to the next room or hiding under their tables panic stricken. Some ran for the door with plates of food in their hands. I guess whether under heavy fire or not, they were still not going to miss a meal, or maybe they thought it might very well be their last!

We stayed at our table praying no other crash would happen or terrorists would drop down from above, but believe me we were scared as the falling glass narrowly escaped us. Fortunately after the crash, everyone was alright. There was no one physically injured, and everyone, including our waiter, dodged the impact. No one called the fire department or police. No cow bell was rung. Everyone survived, but there was lots of hurrying and scurrying in the direction of the door! It was like people were fleeing for freedom. Our eyes were turned upwards, waiting for another crash or to see what might happen next. Luckily, there was only silence.

Interestingly, this crash landing has not been making the rounds on the internet or even the local news and it seems mum’s the word from Spago. All our meals were complimentary; I guess one might call it “hush money.”

Relieved this was no terrorist attack on the Spago Bistro Gardens, I laughed as I thought of the many inebriated celebs that have probably fallen down or staggered out from one of the many parties held there over the years, but the roof falling down has to be a first in Spago history and in Beverly Hills.

That day, lucky, lucky, luck was on our side.

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