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Matthew Preece of Fred Segal Salon

photo by Robert Ulrich

Matthew Preece is at one in his yoga studio.

Stress never shows on Matthew Preece’s face. Perhaps it’s because he’s found a way to deter it.

As owner of Fred Segal Salon in Santa Monica, the hairdresser extraordinaire is always at one. He meditates, blesses his employees and his salon, and gives a hands-on-head energy blessing to clients. In addition, he runs a yoga studio, where he hosts weekly spiritual sessions. You’ll never see Preece at Hollywood parties, unlike other folks in his field who are trolling for the limelight. Formerly called Preece & Toff, Preece business is now a solo act.

VIPs who sit in his chair: Brooke Burke, Leann Rimes, Dana Delaney and even Tony Robbins.

Robbins flies him to wherever he is in the world. “We’ve become great mates,” the British-born hairdresser says. “In fact, Tony taught me scuba in Fiji.” It was Robbins who introduced him to the Oneness University in India, where Preece recharges his batteries.

“Tony asked if I would mind sharing the plane to Palm Springs. I didn’t know what was going on when two monks joined me. Turns out, they were invited to help Tony’s wife with a health concern. I knew I wanted to find out more about it after we all received Deekshas (blessings). And you know the kind of guy Tony is. Once his wife was cured, he wanted a piece of the process. He donated land at his property (Namali) to the group in Figi.”

Preece’s beauty palace is a combo of New York’s Soho chic, with Santa Monica’s style, space, illumination, and stencils by Nick Warren on the minimalist white walls. You’ll be spoiled with a great cup of java from a Nespresso machine (pods), which tastes like cappuccino. Kay Preece, his sister, runs the operations. “I don’t have to worry about someone having my back.”

Recently, the entrepreneur surprised long-time client LeAnne Rimes with a new ‘do. “I gave her bangs and took a few inches off the length.”

Preece suggests to keep bangs long. “Just your eyes to the bridge of your nose. That way, you can sweep them. It makes you feel a lot better. You can also get a bang trim at any time and live with it. Eventually, I cut them to where I want them to be! You don’t want your client freaking out at first!”

On the trend, he says, “I think we’re going away from the big Beverly Hills blow dries to a soft curl look. A lot of the girls are wearing long layers with bangs or shorter hair at the front. Highlights are in, flying lights, blond pieces on the ends, like a styled beach look.”

Preece doesn’t see Brooke Burke often anymore, since she landed her gig hosting Dancing with the Stars. “She’s working her ass off right now.” Her hair is right in vogue, with less blow dry for what we see. She has thick beautiful brunette hair with a touch of chestnut.”

“For any of those guys, I am available 24/7. I’ll come in whenever they ask.” The company has a mobile unit that’s on-call for hotel concierges and private residences.

A fashion show for “Abolish Slavery” charity is in the works. At press time, Preece was thinking about joining Robbins for an event in Bora Bora. He’s got stress covered. What he needs is more hours in the day.

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