Two Men Enter the Ring … The Entire Sport of Boxing Loses


By Mark Felicetti

Manny Pacquiao stepped into the ring for a Welterweight title bout against undefeated Tim Bradley … and this article should be about that fight.

Unfortunately, the fight is not “the story” here.

The story concerns the decision.

The judges saw this bout differently than most all of the announcers, the commentators, the crowd in attendance, the PPV television audience, and my father and I.

That should make this story a mystery.

Sadly, it’s a tragedy.

Manny Pacquiao dominated the fight from start to finish.

He dictated the pace and continually moved forward while landing harder punches more often.

Manny’s power punch output was 253 to Bradley’s 159.

Pacquiao was landing bombs while Bradley’s shots were weak and off-target.

In round 6 Manny threw a right hook to the body that landed with so much force it bent Bradley, sideways, at the waist. It was so ferocious it hurt to watch. It was so vicious and dug so deep that it raised bruises on Bradley’s kids … and they’re his stepchildren.

British and American commentators were in agreement that Manny had won at least eleven of the twelve rounds … dad and I thought he swept it.

But, inexplicably, the judges gave a split decision victory to Bradley in what is one of the worst examples of adjudicating the sport has ever seen.

Could it have been the angle the judges viewed from?

The crowd saw it from every angle possible and the different angles of the various TV cameras offered a good spectrum for the PPV audience.

You would have to view the fight from a different dimension to come up with Bradley as the winner.

Manny was robbed, but he wasn’t even roughed up enough to call this a mugging.

This was more like a fraud … by both definitions of the word.

  1. The perversion of the truth that causes a person to part with something of value.
  2. An individual or person who is not what he/she pretends or appears to be.

The latter being an accurate description of the judges.

Assessing the credentials of the judges during the pre-fight analysis, one commentator stated that two of the three were “… in over their heads.”

Two of them are in their 70’s.

I am not being “ageist”; I am making a point.

My 87-year-old father, with macular degeneration in one eye, could plainly and correctly discern the winner of this fight.

How is it that men who have been around the sport for so many years got this so incredibly wrong?

But it gets worse.

Adding insult to the injury, Judge Duane Ford had the nerve to defend his scorecard by saying, “… Bradley gave Pacquiao a boxing lesson … this isn’t American Idol, if I judge for the people, I shouldn’t be a judge.”

Ford’s last five words are the only accurate ones.

But it gets worse.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has stated there will be no review or discipline.

Chairman Skip Avansino said that unless specific improper behavior is cited there will be no action taken.

How about improper adjudicating?

Don’t bother with eye tests for these judges, they need CT scans and MRI’s to look for tumors pressing on the part of the brain responsible for cognitive thinking.

My guess is that nothing will be found … nothing in there at all.

God Bless and be fair in your judgments.

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