Universal City Medical Group Welcomes “Cool Hands Luke”!


Universal City Medical Group is pleased to introduce the addition of Dr. Luke Mattison to our staff.

Dr. Luke Mattison.

When Dr. Luke Mattison was born with a serious medical condition his pediatrician said surgery was in order. His worried parents began looking for a less drastic alternative. A family friend suggested they take Luke to their trusted chiropractor. After just two chiropractic treatments Luke’s pediatrician was astonished to report that his condition was in fact cured.

Luke’s parents were relieved and grateful, so much so that his father decided to himself become a chiropractor, followed soon after by Luke’s mother and uncle. His mother’s wonderment at her child’s recovery inspired her to immerse herself to learn every thing she could about the science of chiropractic care. She ultimately went on to practice a more advanced form of chiropractic, using her skills to keep Luke strong and healthy throughout his childhood.

It wasn’t until Luke became a champion wrestler in high school that he came to fully realize the value of his mother’s treatments.

Despite the impact that chiropractic treatment had on him personally, and all the stories his family shared with him about patients whose lives had been turned around, Luke set his sights on a different path. He instead decided to study International Relations at Syracuse University, which is where he met his beautiful wife Amy. Life was OK, but still Luke felt unfulfilled. He realized then that he had an urge to return to his family roots in chiropractic.

In 2004 he began studying at the University Of Bridgeport College Of Chiropractic. In 2007 he and Amy were blessed with their first child, a son, Cole, now age 5. In 2008 he received his Doctorate in Chiropractic. He started his career in Connecticut working for two exceptional doctors, and soon after he and Amy welcomed their daughter Scarlett, now age 2.

In 2012 Amy, a Southern California native, received an amazing career opportunity, which allowed her to return home to her family, friends, and the area she loves. Luke jumped at the chance to practice on the more holistic-minded West Coast.

In October 2012 Luke joined Universal City Medical Group, where he continues to wow every patient he works with, treating a wide variety of conditions from neck and back pain to other more complex issues such as migraines, carpal tunnel, knee and shoulder problems, tennis and golfers elbows, etc.

Dr. Luke is a consummate professional who truly enjoys helping our patients with his vast repertoire of knowledge and technique.

If you would like to meet Dr. Luke, call today and schedule your free consultation and initial complementary exam. For your convenience Dr. Luke is also available on Saturdays.

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