Valley Acupuncture: Burbank’s Best Acupuncturist Can Help You with Stress


By Ken Laba

Dr. Mindy Dai.

Dr. Mindy Dai.

Almost a day does not go by without us hearing someone say, “I am so stressed!” or “I am under so much stress,” or any one of the many variations of this common saying. Whatever life’s challenges may throw at us that cause this often referred to “silent killer,” Acupuncture has been well documented and proven to greatly assist in easing stress. For example; work demands, too much time in traffic, bills, family issues, deadlines, or any concerns and worries, Acupuncture can put you into an extremely relaxed overall feeling. If you make an appointment with Dr. Mindy M. Dai, and simply tell her you need help relaxing from stress, you will be amazed how you will feel after even your first one-hour visit. I know this firsthand, as do a great number of my friends and family. And yes, with no pain.

Dr. Mindy M. Dai was awarded the Burbank Leader Reader’s Choice Award as “Burbank’s Best Acupuncturist in 2012.” Just as she has five other times.

Although practicing acupuncture since 2001, this is not your typical acupuncturist. Formerly, she was an M.D. attending physician, and associate professor in China for twelve years. Since moving to California, she’s completed three years postdoctoral training at USC, an MRI fellowship at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, and obtained a master’s degree in Oriental Medicine at Samra University.

With her M.D. and radiology background, Dr. Dai is extremely adept at reading x-rays, CT, and MRI scans. Her vast experience enables her to see the specifics of injuries and the origins of pain. Today, she continues to provide pain management by acupuncture, treating a wide array of illnesses and injuries. Including acute chronic pain, headaches, migraines, and also the treatment of Bell’s Palsy.

During “June Gloom,” more people have pain from arthritis and similar discomforts. Additionally, acupuncture and herbs are very helpful for people with a cold or flu. She also provides Oncology Support, where acupuncture can help cancer patients with pain and side effects from chemo and radiation. Her focus has, and always will be on “Natural Pain Management.” She also treats neck, back, joints, tendonitis, and all kinds of sport injuries. As well as women’s health, including infertility and menopausal symptoms. Her approach is holistic, with individualized and customized care.

Acupuncture is a safe and effective medical treatment that originated in China over 2,000 years ago. In California, it is recognized as a primary health care profession.

Dr. Mindy M. Dai, M.S.O.M., L.Ac, can be reached by calling (818) 843-1558. Her office is located at 2031 W. Alameda Ave., Ste. 206 in Burbank. Visit

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