Voiceover actress Carla Delaney finds her own voice

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Whitefire Solofest’s clever ‘Voices’ one-night only Tues., Jan. 16

Carla Delaney performs dozens of different voices and celebrity impressions from Betty White to Martha Stewart to Lady Gaga. She can be heard in cartoons and video games, in theme park productions, movies, commercials and TV shows. But when Delaney was being bullied by a difficult director, she found she had no voice. She was too intimidated to speak up for herself. After all, he was the director.

That’s changed now.

Originally from the East Coast, Delaney discovered her talent for voices when she was cast in Gerard Alessandrini’s Forbidden Broadway, the long-running musical parody. Then, in 2015, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Syndrome, a hypo thyroid condition that can affect the voice. After doing some research, she discovered that many women have thyroid-related issues. Could there be a connection between thyroid deficiency and the way women communicate…or don’t communicate?

Voices is Delaney’s hour-long, one-woman show presented at the Whitefire Solofest, the largest solo theater festival on the West Coast. In it, she takes us on a hilarious vocal roller coaster ride of the characters and times of her life, including the old, beat up French horn she was required to practice on as a child, using a raspy, scratchy voice.

Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant but always insightful, Delaney invites us to listen to our inner voice, to find our innermost truths. “Carla meets the voices of her head, her heart, her snotty respiratory system and over 30 more, making her ask, ‘Is it noisy in here, or is it just me?,’” Delaney says.

Under the expert direction of Jessica Lynn Johnson, founder of Soaring Solo Theatre Company Los Angeles, Voices is playful, yet thought provoking. Although the show was conceived long before the current Hollywood “shakeup,” it emphasizes the need for women (and men) to stand up for themselves when being mistreated. It is fast paced and clever, not preachy, and a whole lot of fun.

The award-winning “Voices” will be performed on Tuesday, January 16, 8pm, at the Whitefire Theatre located at 13500 Ventura Blvd. (at Woodman) in Sherman Oaks. For tickets visit VoicesByCarla.weebly.com or call Whitefire Theatre at (818) 990-2324.


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