Weekend cleanup by Church of Scientology volunteers brightens streets, helps homeless

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With dirty, smelly streets a common complaint of those who work or live in Hollywood, and care of the homeless a top community concern, volunteers from the Church of Scientology dedicated their Saturday morning to helping with both.

In what has become a monthly tradition, volunteers swept sidewalks, raked trash from grassy medians and filled 60-gallon bags with wrappers, used cups, cigarette butts, drug needles and mayonnaise packets which would otherwise continue to pollute the Hollywood area more than 90,000 Angelinos call home. Throughout the cleanup, volunteers passed out copies of The Way to Happiness to homeless and passersby. The first words of the booklet—a nonreligious, common-sense guide to better living written by L. Ron Hubbard—read: “Your survival is important to me.”

Each month, cleanup volunteers frequent streets populated by homeless, many of whom join in the cleanup effort. One homeless man, asleep when the volunteers came through, woke to find a copy of The Way to Happiness. He saw the address stamped on the back and walked to the Church of Scientology nearby to tell a staff member that the booklet had saved his life—he planned to jump off a bridge that afternoon. Now, knowing that someone cared, he chose to live.

The monthly cleanups are part of a partnership between The Way to Happiness Foundation, the Church of Scientology and the Los Angeles Police Department.

“We are extremely appreciative of the partnership that the Church shares with our Hollywood community,” said Captain Cory Palka, Commanding Officer of the Hollywood LAPD Division, whose officers took part in the weekend cleanup. “The participation, volunteerism and willingness to make Hollywood a better place to live is evident in the effort put forth by the Church and its members.”

If you’re interested in participating in the cleanups or would like to learn more visit Facebook.com/hollywoodsvillage.



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